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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Memo Example Asking Sales Manager to Select a Region for Testing New Program

Memos Example Asking Sales Manager to Select a Region for Testing New Program

Memo Example Asking Sales Manager to Select a Region for Testing New Program clearly states the nature and purpose of the test program, and the criteria of sales manager should use in choosing a region. Treats the reader, a colleague as a partner in the program efforts.

To:........................., Sales Manager

From: ......................, Marketing Department Manager

Date: 10 April 2020

We would like to test an in-home service program in one of our sales regions as a prelude to offering the services on a national basis to our entire branch system.

We would survey in questionnaire form to the manager of that region and tailor a program to the needs of each individual branch. For example, if a new branch opening relocation were slated for the next quarter, we might make that the cornerstone of that branch's program. If a branch manager's goal were to have at least two account executives doing a weekly radio market report, We would work closely with the account executive in developing their program and soon.

We think that, in turn, the criteria for selecting a region will be a regional manager who is a believer in the efficacy of in-home service, who is amenable to cooperating with me, and who is got the ability to motivate their managers and thus aid us in convincing them of the importance of any program implemented.

Finally, the branch managers of the selected region would be the first recipients of the company's new "Branch Managers Guide to In-home Service Program" which will be available next month.

We would like your suggestions as to which region might be a likely place to begin. Thank you.

Best regards,

Your Signature

Monday, September 23, 2019

Sample Motivational Memo to Disgruntled Sales Representative

Sample Motivational Memo to Disgruntled Sales Representative

sample memo

Even if the sales manager does not intend to readjust assignments, this shows the salesperson that the sales manager cares about sales representative feelings and understands their reluctance. Encourages the salesperson to accept the new assignment as a challenge and instills confidence by complimenting salespeople on their past performance. Opens the way for feedback by inviting the salesperson to come to the sales manager if the salesperson feels the same way in a few days.

To: All Sales Executive
From:__________, Sales Manager

After our staff meeting the other day, it was fairly obvious to us that some of our sales representatives were not too pleased with the new sales territory. I, as the Sales Manager, know how you feel and I can remember when I was in a similar position not too many years ago.

There's a strong temptation just to be angry and bitter about this development and after all, being assigned a new territory means a lot of hard work and development. But on the bright side, the rewards are certainly there.

Please keep in mind that we would never even think of assigning the territory if we didn't have every confidence in all of you as a sales representative. You all definitely our tops sellers and there's every indication that all of you will come out as a winner in this new assignment as all of you done in the past.

If everybody still has some problems, then come see me directly and we'll talk again.


Monday, August 26, 2019

Sample Memo Stating Company Policy on Vacations

How to write memo stating company policy on vacations
sample memo stating company policy on vacations
This sample memo is to straighten out a misunderstanding of company policy. Gives an example at the bottom for clarity.

To: All Employee
From: HR Department
Date: August 20, 2019

Re: Vacation Policy

There appears to be confusion concerning the company's vacation policy.

Our company manual states:
1. After 3 months of service, during the first year of employment, the vacation allowance is one week.

2. During the second and third years of service, the vacation allowance is two weeks.

3. During the fourth and fifth years of service, the vacation allowance is three weeks.

4. During the sixth years and subsequent years of service, the vacation allowance is four weeks, one week of which must be taken between October 1st and March 30th.

The year mentioned above is your anniversary year, not the calendar year. For example, if you began working on July 1st of the following year, you are entitled to one week vacation. In subsequent years, you must take your earned vacation between July 1st and July 1st of the succeeding year.

Vacation days are not transferable to subsequent years.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sample Memo for Updating Sales Force on Delays in Introducing a New Product

sample business letter
updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product

Sample memo for updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product is a sample that shows an understanding and appreciation for the fact that the salespeople have been out on the firing line, dealing with customer complaints about an important new product held up in production. Gives information they can pass on to customers, also shows sensitivity to salespeople's morale and concerns by explaining that sales quotas will be adjusted and their extra efforts rewarded.

To Sales Force

First, I'd like to thank all of you and congratulate you on your fine results in bringing in orders for our new power assembly drive.

I know you've all been disappointed by the delays in production and that your customers have been complaining as well. Please make every effort to explain that these delays were the result of our engineers introducing two important changes in the final design, both changes which we feel will ensure a better and more efficient product.

Specifically, these changes are the result of our engineers' field tests and they will provide a substantial reduction in breakdowns and more efficient use of power. These changes and the savings they will provide your customers in their daily operations are detailed in the enclosed information sheets. Please distribute them to every customer who has the machine on order.

As far as your quotas are concerned, we understand that your additional time fielding complaints and reassuring those who've ordered this product is taking up much of your time. This new machine is our sales priority and we are adjusting your bonus quotas for this quarter to reflect it. You will not be penalized for any drop in sales on our other lines. And when this new product is finally out to our customers, you will receive appropriate bonuses.

Please call me or drop in if you have any questions.


Your position

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sample Memo to Asking for Cooperation

how to write memo for asking cooperation
sample memo for cooperation

Sample memo to asking for cooperation is a sample that very effective momo concerning frivolous expenses that could be avoided. Explains the situation, offers definite figures for better understanding and urges employee cooperation. A little on the reprimand side, but that's difficult to avoid in this type of case.

To: All Employees

Re: Telephone Bill

Last month's telephone bill was almost $30,000. This is 60% higher than what it was last year at this time, while our volume of business has increased only 4% during the same period.

We have no objections to your using the telephone occasionally for personal calls. Where long distance calls have been made, we have asked the persons to reimburse the company and those who have made long distance calls have done so.
What we can't ask reimbursement for, however, are local calls. These are charged as message units and are not itemized by extension on the bill. Also, we cannot ask reimbursement for the cost of your time spent on the telephone calls, both calls that you dial and those personal calls you received on company time.

All of us can be more effective in business calls as well. You can reduce the length of such a call by planning it in advance and keeping the pleasantries to the minimum required for courtesy.

Your cooperation in lowering our telephone bill will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Your name

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Memo Reminder to Answer the Telephone

sample memo reminder
reminder to answer the telephone

Sample memo reminder to answer the telephones is a sample that even though you were quite angry about the complaints, you controlled your anger and instead wrote this clear instructional memo, You can't assume your employees will know your preferences for such procedures.

To: Office Staff
From: _____

I have received some complaints from our customers about being kept on hold for long periods of time.

Please keep the following basics of office telephone etiquette in mind and practice them.

1. When people in your department are away from their desks, answer their telephones. Even if you cannot help the caller yourself, take a complete message so the right person can get back to them.

2. If you need to pass a call to another extension, first tell the caller that person's full telephone number so they can call back directly if they are disconnected.

3. Don't keep people on hold - nothing is more frustrating for them. If you will need some time to look up information, or to consult another member of your department, tell the caller you'll need some time and that you will call them back. Take their name and telephone number and give them an approximate time when you will get back to them.

Remember, our customers, vendors, the general public and most everyone forms their opinions and images of our business based on the way we treat them. Let's be helpful, courteous, and responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cover Memo Accompanying New In-House Publication

How to write memo accompanying new in-house publication
the cover memo accompanying new In House Publication
This sample cover memo accompanying new in-house publication is encouraged managers to make use of a new guide book and points out section most likely to help them out. Kept short - not mean to be a "preface" to the publication.

To: All Branch Managers
From:..... Public Relations Manager

Enclosed you will find the company's new "Branch Manager's Guide to Public Relations." Please keep it handy for use as a reference tool and as a source of ideas for your local public relations activities.
Section 4, "Sample Press Releases," should prove particularly helpful since it contains sample formats for "do-it-yourself" press releases at the branch level. Use it for publicizing newsworthy events or appointments in the branch office.

Name and Signature

Sample Memo Asking for Cooperation

How to write a memo asking for cooperation
asking for cooperation
Sample Memo for Asking Cooperation is a good informative memo which offers information that all employees should know. Tells employees the status of the deal and encourages them to help make the move as painless as possible.

To: All Employees
Re: Move

As you know, we will be leaving our present office space in the very near future. Although we have not signed another lease yet, we are currently giving serious consideration to moving into an office nearby.
Regardless, now would be an excellent time to begin reviewing your files and work areas so you may discard any correspondence or other materials which you no longer need. When our new lease is signed, you will save time by packing and unpacking only what you need - the move will go faster and cost us less money.

Thank you for your cooperation. I will keep you informed as new developments occur.

Name and Signature