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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Daily Funny Quotes

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Daily Quote

Daily Quotes for Business

1. Money isn't good until the
cheque is in your hands,
the cheque clears the bank,
you've spent or invested the money,
and six months passes and no one has asked
for it to be returned.
-By Anonymous-

2. Many Companies don't know that
all Employees come equipped with a brain
-at no extra charge!!
-By Anonymous-

3. Avoid lengthy job descriptions
Remember even God gave
only 10 commandments!
-By Anonymous-

4. What gets rewarded gets done.
-By Anonymous-

5. Avoid the vague mumbo-jumbo
about value-added services
Specifically list what you offer.
-By Anonymous-

6. All the customer education in the world 
is not going to make customers 
buy something they don't want.
-By Anonymous-

7. When What your customers value and
what you have to offer don't match 
you're the one who is going to have to change,
not your customers.
-By Anonymous-

8. Employees want to be treated fairly,
trusted, judged by their work, have their say,
have opportunities to improve,
and work for a growing company.
-By Anonymous-

9. Competitive advantage is having better staff
than your competitors.
-By Anonymous-

10. Management's job is to find out 
what it's doing that keeps people from doing a good job,
and stop doing it.
-By Anonymous-