Monday, July 13, 2020

Letter Apologizing for a Mistake to a Long Time Customer

Letter Apologizing for a Mistake to a Long Time Customer

sample business letter
sample business letter apologizing for a mistake to a long time customer

This sample letter is about how to admits the error you made and offers to redo the job for free. Shows regret the error and sincere desire to re-establish confidence, it will lead more than just to hold the customer's business.

Dear XXX,

We apologize that we really did it this time. Looking over the calendars you sent back to me, I have to agree that we did mix up the placement of some of the pictures.

Even if your customers did not notice the misplacement, you know about it and we know. You expect top-quality printing from us and we have tried our best to deliver it to you over these 10 years of our business relationship.

Everyone here feels bad about the mistake and we want to make it up to you. If you would like us to re-run the job, at our expense, just give us the word. We want to be fair. And if it's too late to make good on this job, let us do your next job for free.

Your name

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