Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rejecting The Request to Change A Contract

how to reject a request to change a contract
rejecting the request to change a contract
Sample business letter rejecting the request to change a contract is a sample on how you can reject the request but in a polite way without hurting your customer feeling. The point of the letter right away and you are showing that you operate in good faith with all of your customers. You also explains or gives a good reason that a logical businessman should understand.


Thank you for your letter of February 20 in which you asked about revising the printing schedule for your next two books. Whenever possible, we try to assist the needs of our customers.

In this case, unfortunately, we have examined our schedule of commitments for the next four months and find we are booked solid. This makes it impossible to change the work schedule that we agreed upon in the contract.

For us to work fairly with all of our customers, we must stay with our original schedule. I hope you understand our position.

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