Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Offering Free Course at Prospect's Premises

How to write an offering letter free course at prospect's premises
offering the free course at prospect's premises
This offer of a free sample - free sales training session is presented in an interesting question and answer format. Offers details of the subjects to be covered and how the reader can sign up.


When is your next sales meeting? May we be a part of it? By proving at no cost or obligation, a one hour New York Motivational Sales Workshop!

Why Should the New York Organization do this?
Simply, because we know that after observing the workshop, you will begin to realize the value the New York Sales Course could be to your company.

What is a New York Sales Workshop?
It is a practical approach to the selling problems that face most of us in business today. It is an exciting one hour program presented in an inspiring enthusiastic manner by people dedicated to professional salesmanship. Some of the more important points covered are developing additional selling skills. Developing more self-confidence in the ability to sell, organization of time, enthusiasm, self-motivation.

Where and when is it held?
It is held at your place of business either as a part of your regular sales meeting or as an individual meeting, before, during, or after regular hours. A minimum of fifteen salespeople must attend.

When will the Sales course be discussed?
If after observing the workshop you are interested in knowing more about New York Sales Course, it will be our pleasure to discuss the advantages of this training with you.

Should this seem to be of interest to you for the key members of your organization, I would be happy to arrange a meeting for a brief discussion at a mutually agreeable time.

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