Saturday, August 17, 2019

Refusing Claim When Buyer is To Blame

How to write a letter refusing claim when  buyer is to blame
refusing claim when a buyer is to blame

The letter below is a polite way of saying no to an adjustment request. It thanks the customer for bringing the problem to the company's attention, shows an understanding and grasp of the customer's problem, but at the same time, explains the company's side of the story.


Thank you for writing to me about the wallpaper which was delivered to you last week.

We appreciate your honesty in describing your predicament, but at the same time, we're sure that you can appreciate the difficulties we have had to satisfy your decorator's specifications.

Since the wallpaper we sent you is a special design that was made to your decorator's specifications, we are unable to return it to our regular inventory. Unfortunately, we cannot honor your request.

Perhaps your decorator can suggest another use for this specially designed wallpaper, or maybe even another one of his clients may be able to use it.

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity to explain the situation.

Your name