Monday, April 8, 2019

Manufacturer Replying to Dealer About High Advertising Costs

business letter example manufacturer replying to dealer
business letter example manufacturer replying to dealer
Manufacturer replying to the dealer about high advertising costs is a sample letter when the dealer passes on a comment by customers, good or bad, a manufacturer is lucky to get the feedback. This reply takes the time to explain why the company spends so much on advertising, in language that will make sense both to the dealer and to customers. It gives the dealer specific facts and information that he can use when the complaint comes up again. The dealer is also a customer and this letter treats him politely and appreciatively.


I appreciate your passing on your customer's complaint directly to me. We sometimes hear the same that our prices could be lower if we spent less money on advertising. We wish that were the case but it just not true.

The great retailer Rubicon was credited with saying, "I know I waste half my advertising dollars. The problem is I do not know which half". I think manufacturers find themselves with the same dilemma.

Careful research of our own shows that in today's competitive business climate, we just could not survive in the camera industry without the extensive print, television, radio and web campaigns that we use. We don't advertise to make ourselves feel important. We do it because it is absolutely vital to our business.
And let me put our advertising costs in perspective. The millions of dollars we spend annually for advertising constitute only a small percentage of our total sales and marketing costs and only a few cents of the cost of each camera. Costs for our salespeople would be exorbitant and less purposeful if they did not have the support and benefit of our advertising pre-selling.

We review our total marketing efforts several time a year to ensure that we are allocating the most reasonable amounts for the most effective results in each area, advertising, promotions, and direct sales.

Perhaps you can pass this reasoning along the next time a customer raises the argument.

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