Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How to Write a Letter for Turning a Problem Into Better Service to the Customer

how to write free sample letter turning problem into better service for customer
turning problem into better service

Business letter turning a problem into better service for the customer is a sample that most salespeople make efforts to adjust problems their customers have with their orders. But excellent salespeople use these problems as an opportunity to establish better communications with the customers and better ways of servicing him in the future. This customer ended up extremely pleased with the improvements in service resulting from his own custom checklist and he became one of this salesperson's most loyal customers.


As a result of the delivery problems you had with us last week, I have met with our shipping and production managers to work out a better system for handling your account. We know we made a mistake on your last order and although we replaced it for you, we want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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We have therefore developed the enclosed checklist to use on each of your future orders, including your firm's particular specifications such as packaging requirements, where the print should appear, etc. I know we can service your company better and help your operations run more smoothly with this safeguard.

I'll call you in a few days to see if you have any additional points you'd like us to include.

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