Monday, April 1, 2019

Email Marketing Example How To Offer Your Service

business letter example how to offer your service
email marketing example how to offer your service

Email marketing example how to offer your service goes to emphasize the company's long history of successful service. Closes with a request the reader can hardly refuse, 10 minutes to determine if the company can help to improve the business.


Are you serious about staying in business during these changing times? Are you finding that what worked for you last year is not working for you now?

What you might need is a fresh new idea. Treat yourself to a mental tune-up of your managerial skills. Since 1989 the ABC Institute of Sydney has had the opportunity to increase the productivity of hundreds of companies.

Although we have been around for over seventy years, we find a great number of companies who have only a vague idea of what we do and most importantly what we can do for you.

We provide at no cost or obligation to you, a ten-minute interview, which will help us to get a better understanding of your company's needs, and as a result, be more specific in helping you understand how ABC training would or would not benefit you.

I will call you shortly to arrange a convenient time to meet and then determine if we could be of service.

Your name

Email Marketing - Using Adjustment of Claim as Opportunity to Sell More Product

How to write letter using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product
using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product

Email marketing using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product is a sample that tells the customer how the problem is being handled and when he can expect to receive the replacement shipment. Proceeds into a soft sell of the product sent in error. Makes it easy for the retailer to decide to try out the line by offering to postpone billing.


Thank you for telling me about the mixup in our shipment to you last week. I've checked with our shipping and accounting people, and it turns out that you were billed for the six dozen "Premium Food Processors" which you ordered. The problem was in our shipping department mislabeling your cartons and sending you a shipment ordered by another retailer.

The six dozen processors you ordered are being sent to you today and you should receive them in a few days. As far as the shipment of pasta makers sent to you in error, you can, of course, return them to us and we will pay the shipping charge.
However, you may want to keep the pasta makers as well. They have turned to be a very popular item this year. I'm sending you some display pieces under separate cover, which you can use to draw attention to the line in your store.

Why not keep the pasta makers and see how they do? I'll arrange with our accounting department to push back the billing, to give you plenty of time to handle both payments.

Please let me know what you decide.

Your name

Sample Business Letter From the Department Store to Dissatisfied Customer

How to write sample business letter from the department store to the dissatisfied customer
from the department store to the dissatisfied customer

Sample business letter from the department store to the dissatisfied customer is a apologizes for the discourtesy of the store employee, and explains how the situation will be corrected. Shows appreciation for long time customer's bringing the matter to the attention of management, as well as for her business. Aims to maintain customer's loyalty and to uphold the department store's popular reputation for service and quality.


Thank you for writing and telling me about your unpleasant experience with the head of our suburban branch store's shoe department. I apologize for the way he treated you, and I would like to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

You are absolutely right, the problem you have had with your boots should not occur in just one season of wear. And regardless of which branch you bought the boots in, any branch should serve you and arrange for the necessary repair. The photocopy you sent of your receipt was sufficient for me to check back on our computer's sales and inventory records.

Please ship the booths to our Manhattan store, to my attention and I will send them back to the manufacturer. If they cannot repair the boots properly, we will send you a new pair. We will, of course, reimburse you for the postage.

Please don't hesitate to call on me again if there is anything I can do to help you.

Your name