Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sample Resignation Letter

how to write good resignation letter
Resignation letter

The sample of a resignation letter is a letter that quite simple but has the point about your resignation, because for whatever reason, writing a good resignation letter is needed. It will give you a good impression and the company you left will always remember you as a good and reliable person.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby confirm the submission of my resignation as Manager of the Company effective on December 24, 2018.
I thank you for all the support given to me during my tenure and it has been a pleasure serving the company as Manager.

I wish the company and staff continued success in the future.

Sincerely Yours,
Your name

Sample Sponsor Letter to Apply UK Visa

sponsor letter to apply uk visa
sponsor letter to apply for uk visa

Sample sponsor letter to apply UK Visa is a free format sponsor letter to apply UK Visa for business purposes. Normally, this sponsor letter will be issued by the company that invited you and they will cover all the expenses during your trip.

Your City, March 6th, 2018

To :
City Name

Attn: Visa Section

Dear Sir/Madam

With this letter, I would like to inform  you that I am the undersigned,

            Name               : Sarah Darville
            Position           : Manager Human Resources Department of ABC Company
Certify that,

            Name               : Romain
            Position           : Managing Director of ABC Company
            Passport No     : XXXXXX
            Name               : Taruno Nugroho Adi
            Position           : Marketing Director of ABC Company
            Passport No     : XXXXXX
Are planning to attend an invitation by ABC Company to visit XYZ Manufacturing facility in London for 7 days in March 2018

I acknowledge and guarantee that they will not seek any employment or permanent stay into your country and will return to (Origin Country name) soon after the business trip finished. All kinds of expenses during this trip are fully covered by the company.

Kindly grant them the necessary entry visa in order to join in the tour program. Your kind assistance will be very highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah Darville
Manager Human Resources Department of ABC Company