Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sample Business letter Saying No To A Sales Representative

saying no to a sales representative
sample business letter saying no to a sales representative

Sample business letter for saying no to a sales representative is a sample letter that firm but polite"rejection", and very useful when you are not interested now but maybe in the future. It saves you from the possible intrusion of follow-up calls and letters from the salesperson in the following weeks but also lets the salesperson know you would like him to contact you again a few months later. The approach will foster a good relationship between your firms, a benefit when you finally are ready to buy.


Thank you for your excellent presentation the other day. It was certainly most entertaining and you answered my questions most professionally.

Unfortunately, after going over the figures and calculations with my treasurer, the bottom line is that we just can't substantiate such an outlay of cash at this time. We really want to conserve our cash over the next few months and we might be interested in talking to you again in the near future.

But I'm afraid we'll have to say "no thanks" for the time being.

Again, thanks for your time and efforts.

Your name