Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sample Memo to Asking for Cooperation

how to write memo for asking cooperation
sample memo for cooperation

Sample memo to asking for cooperation is a sample that very effective momo concerning frivolous expenses that could be avoided. Explains the situation, offers definite figures for better understanding and urges employee cooperation. A little on the reprimand side, but that's difficult to avoid in this type of case.

To: All Employees

Re: Telephone Bill

Last month's telephone bill was almost $30,000. This is 60% higher than what it was last year at this time, while our volume of business has increased only 4% during the same period.

We have no objections to your using the telephone occasionally for personal calls. Where long distance calls have been made, we have asked the persons to reimburse the company and those who have made long distance calls have done so.
What we can't ask reimbursement for, however, are local calls. These are charged as message units and are not itemized by extension on the bill. Also, we cannot ask reimbursement for the cost of your time spent on the telephone calls, both calls that you dial and those personal calls you received on company time.

All of us can be more effective in business calls as well. You can reduce the length of such a call by planning it in advance and keeping the pleasantries to the minimum required for courtesy.

Your cooperation in lowering our telephone bill will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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