Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sample Business Letter Pre-approach from Manufacturing Company

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Sample business letter pre-approach from the manufacturing company basically is another email marketing following the same pre-approach mailing steps like getting attention, creating interest, creating desire, stating specific action.

Dear .....,

I'd like to make an exchange with you. For 15 minutes of your time, I'll give you 300 extra hours this year. That sound s exaggerated, but I think it is true.

My firm has spent many years developing a new, dry, high-speed office copier. Test after test, under customer use, has shown that the average time an executive saved by putting the machine on his desk is four hours a week ... 300 hours a year.

When I see you, I won't have much to say. Our machine, the E - Z Office Copier, will do most of the talking. All I ask is the opportunity to put it on your desk, give you one brief demonstration and then let you use it yourself so that you can fully appreciate the ease and speed of operation ... and the quality of the sharp, clean, dry copies it produces.

For myself, I'll reserve the pleasure of telling you how low the investment is. I plan to call you on Wednesday evening to request the courtesy of 30 minutes.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.