Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Email marketing or digital marketing selling advertising space

email marketing for business
digital marketing selling advertising space

Using email as digital marketing for selling advertising space need to be written from the advertiser's point of view. No time is wasted on the publication, the focus is on a market profile of the readership. It is persuasive in pointing out the advantages of targeting this market. Also important, it uses the advertiser's language.


There's only one reason someone buys a buyer's guide. He wants to see what's out there to buy.

The readership of our Mobile Phone Buyer's Guide and Handbook is "buyers only." When someone buys our publication he's already decided he needs a mobile phone. Made up his mind to buy one. And is out scanning the marketplace to see what that purchase will be. There is no better time than right now - when his buying decision is being shaped - for you to have your selling message in front of him. Surely there's no better place.

Our readers don't own a mobile phone yet. Pose that against other publications that say 30% to 65% of their readers already own mobile phone. Waste barely exists with us. Or consider intentions-to-buy-soon. Most general books have it at 5% to 10% with some verticals going as high as 20%. With us, you come as close to 97% as you can get by virtue of the fact they have just paid an important $2.90 to see what mobile phone companies like yours have to offer.

Look at it another way. Because they've gone out and deliberately bought us as a buyer's guide, they'll read us differently. With the important and expensive purchase, they're about to make, we'll be studied. Pored over. Pick up to be read over and over again. Because it's information they want, they will stop to read your ads rather than flash past them in the micro-seconds research says they do.

Our guide provides an extraordinary setting for your ads. There is no denser population of prospective buyers. No purer one. Because our reader is bent on buying, no medium can be more effective. Nor can your advertising dollars be better spent.

Please look us over. I'll call you next week to talk to you about the possibilities of your advertising with us.

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