Monday, September 23, 2019

Sample Motivational Memo to Disgruntled Sales Representative

sample memo

Even if the sales manager does not intend to readjust assignments, this shows the salesperson that the sales manager cares about sales representative feelings and understands their reluctance. Encourages the salesperson to accept the new assignment as a challenge and instills confidence by complimenting salespeople on their past performance. Opens the way for feedback by inviting the salesperson to come to the sales manager if the salesperson feels the same way in a few days.

To: All Sales Executive
From:__________, Sales Manager

After our staff meeting the other day, it was fairly obvious to us that some of our sales representatives were not too pleased with the new sales territory. I, as the Sales Manager, know how you feel and I can remember when I was in a similar position not too many years ago.

There's a strong temptation just to be angry and bitter about this development and after all, being assigned a new territory means a lot of hard work and development. But on the bright side, the rewards are certainly there.

Please keep in mind that we would never even think of assigning the territory if we didn't have every confidence in all of you as a sales representative. You all definitely our tops sellers and there's every indication that all of you will come out as a winner in this new assignment as all of you done in the past.

If everybody still has some problems, then come see me directly and we'll talk again.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Following Sales Call to Poor Prospect

sample business letter

This form letter is used successfully by salespeople after a sales call shows that the prospect was actually not in need of the company's product or service. It leaves open the possibility that under new circumstances, the prospect may be interested in a meeting. Offers a simple and convenient way for the prospect to name referrals either with postage paid referral postcard or via email.


It was a pleasure meeting with you this week to discuss Body Weight Loss Kit. Due to your present circumstances, we were unable to concur on your beginning to take advantage of Body Weight Loss Kit which really works for 30days programs. 

Permit me to follow up within the next 14 days to determine if your circumstances have changed.

Your name

Monday, September 9, 2019

Following Sales Call Where No Sale Was Made

sample business letter
following sales call where no sale was made

The information the prospect writes down on the critique from will always benefit the salesperson, either by providing information that the salesperson can use to reopen the door for discussion or by showing them ways to improve their presentation in the future.


It was a pleasure sharing the benefits of Body Shake Weight Loss Kit with you this week.

I was not able to effectively communicate and translate those benefits to you in such a manner that you were able to see clearly the benefit in beginning immediately.

At your earliest convenience, I would appreciate your completing the enclosed critique and returning it to me.

My goal is to become as effective a communicator and professional salesperson as I can be. Your feedback will be most helpful and appreciated. I would appreciate your complete honesty.

Your name

P.S. Enclosed is a referral postcard. I would appreciate your returning it to me also at your convenience.

Sample Critique Form


Please rate on a 1 - 10 scale in the following areas. (1 very poor, 10 excellent)

1. Presentation ___________________
2. Product Knowledge______________
3. Professionalism_________________
4. Please give me a few specifics on any rating less than 8:

5. What did/didn't I do, say, or discover that bothered you?

6. What was inadequate with my product or service that caused our inability to reach an agreement?

7. If we could solve this problem area to your satisfaction, is it reason enough for us to get together again?
YES____                                                      NO___

8. Should I contact you in the future regarding other product/service lines or advances?
YES____                                                      NO___

Monday, September 2, 2019

After the Appointment Where a Sale Was Made

sample business letter
after the appointment where a sale was made

Confirms the order, thanks to customers for their business, and assures them they will be satisfied. It advises salespeople to ask for referrals after they close the sale, that is at the time the customer is most convinced of the value of the product/service. This letter thanks the customer for those referrals.


It was a pleasure meeting with you this week. I am excited about the prospect of our doing business together. You will be pleased that you have made the wise decision to order the excavators from us.

I also appreciate the referrals you shared with me. I will get back to you when I have had a chance to talk with them.

Your name