Thursday, August 15, 2019

Letter To Customer Causing Problems With Their Own Orders

professional business letter template to customer causing problems with their own orders
sample business letter to customer
Sometimes it is necessary to drop the business precept the customer always right and to explain to the customer exactly how their behavior affects your service. This letter clearly explains the problem and offers a solution. It worked because the vendor incorporated an extra step into the routine shipping process for this customer, to accommodate the tendency to change the customer mind. The alternative, taking the blame for errors caused by the customer could have resulted in the customer switching vendors because of bad service.


We have been doing business together for a long time and I value our relationship. But lately, we've been having trouble giving you the kind of service both of us want you to have. The core of the problem is your practice of ordering one thing, then after the order is placed, changing your mind. This has happened in the past dozen orders.

When you don't get what you want, it holds up your operations. I feel frustrated and my staff is demoralized.

I would like to approach a different system with you. Just before your order is processed, one of our expediters will call you and check the order with you. That will be your chance to change it and if you do we'll send you a written copy of the changes immediately. That will give you a chance to check it.

This will cut down on delays and errors and ensure you the kind of service that keeps your operation running smoothly.

Your name

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