Monday, August 19, 2019

Saying No to Request for Special Order

How to write a letter saying no to request for special order
saying no to request for special order
Friendly and helpful shows customer that company personnel on all levels joined in trying to meet customer request. By offering to refer the customer to a qualified competitor, the company shows its commitment to serve the customer. Builds goodwill and customer loyalty.


Our sales representative for your territory, Black Pink, has come to me concerning your special request and I wanted to reply to you directly.

Yes, at times we do run special jobs, changing sizes or colors for one particular order, but we have to consider many factors before we can accept the order.

I spoke to our production manager and he did a bit of research and calculating. I'm sorry to report that even if we did the job for you at cost, it would run well above the price range you anticipated. The reason? Since we would only be running this job for you, we would have to order what in the business is a very small order for those special materials you want. Our supplier gave us a rather steep quote and explained that the special handling and delivery charges would amount too much less per item on their more routine large quantity orders.

I'm checking further with our suppliers to find out which manufacturers in the area working with these materials would be best equipped to run the job for you and deliver quality work and to offer you a fair price. I'll get back to you in a few days.

And do not worry, I know this business and I know my competitors. I'll make sure we refer you to a firm with a reputation for the kind of workmanship and dependability we pride ourselves on giving you.

We do appreciate your business and I'm glad you asked our salesman about this job. Next time you have a special need, please do not hesitate to contact me again. We'll try our hardest to do it for you but if we cannot, we will find the best company that able to help you.

Your name

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