Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Using a Reference to Introduce Yourself to Prospect

A blind form letter which is used as a means to obtain new advertisers for the magazine. Offers prospective advertiser pertinent information, statistics, and a media kit. This particular letter is slanted to computer oriented companies but can be adjusted for any target group of advertisers.

Dear xxx,

On Friday, I attended the Hitech Millennial Expo at the Sydney Coliseum and spoke with Sandra of Hitech Communication Corporate about the possibility of a mutually beneficial proposal between our organizations, and your name came up.

Management Marketing, if you are unfamiliar with us, is the official publication of the National Association of Marketing and is published monthly. I am sure that you would be interested to know that Management Marketing has an audience of approximately 200,000 and is directed to 90 percent of the upper and middle management decision-makers in corporations throughout Canada.

Our advertising is 80 percent of software and hardware oriented and it seems to me, a natural environment for your product, In fact, the July issue is a special one devoted editorially and exclusively to Management Information Systems and microcomputers in particular. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a media kit containing current data on our magazine - please note our editorial calendar. It makes sense for you to be counted prestigiously among the advertisers we currently carry, especially in our July Issue.

How does this idea strike you? I will call you within the week so that we can discuss the prospect of our helping to market your product.

Your name

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