Friday, April 5, 2019

Sample Business Letter Following Up a Prospect's Inquiry

how to write letter following up a prospect's inquiry
following up a prospect's inquiry

Sample business letter following up a prospect's inquiry is a mailing that has proven successful because it spells out specific benefits to the prospective users, saving on setup time, saving on costs, flexibility, and durability, etc. The writing style halfway between a catalog's specifications and formal prose - it is both informative and interesting.


Here's a shelf system that's elegant to look at, can hold surprising weights yet eight times out of nine ends up costing far less than common industrial shelving.

The big saving here is the cost of construction. In just about every case, we can save  87% of labor costs. For example, one if our units seven feet high, seven feet long with six shelves can go up ready to be loaded in under ten minutes. Against the hours it takes to put up the industrial kind.

And once we're up, ours is stronger, stable and steadier. We're fresher, brighter, prettier and easier to maintain and our tough chrome finish will outlast painted surfaces a dozen times to one. As for strength, each shelf can take 850 pounds of properly distributed weight.
The principle here is basic Erector set, only easier. No screws or bolts but an ingenious locking device that makes our units stronger as loads increase. There are versatility and modularity no other system can match. Dozens of shelf widths and lengths, easily adjustable in one-inch increments. The posts they go on are from 15 inches to eight feet or we can cut them to any length you want.

Units can be built-in or freestanding. Cantilevered or straight, on a wheel or not. We also have a line of elegant looking carts to move around supplies, mail stationery, etc. Besides our chrome finish, we now have five standard epoxy colors, plus dozens of custom ones.

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