Monday, April 8, 2019

Manufacturer Replying to Dealer About High Advertising Costs

business letter example manufacturer replying to dealer
business letter example manufacturer replying to dealer
Manufacturer replying to the dealer about high advertising costs is a sample letter when the dealer passes on a comment by customers, good or bad, a manufacturer is lucky to get the feedback. This reply takes the time to explain why the company spends so much on advertising, in language that will make sense both to the dealer and to customers. It gives the dealer specific facts and information that he can use when the complaint comes up again. The dealer is also a customer and this letter treats him politely and appreciatively.


I appreciate your passing on your customer's complaint directly to me. We sometimes hear the same that our prices could be lower if we spent less money on advertising. We wish that were the case but it just not true.

The great retailer Rubicon was credited with saying, "I know I waste half my advertising dollars. The problem is I do not know which half". I think manufacturers find themselves with the same dilemma.

Careful research of our own shows that in today's competitive business climate, we just could not survive in the camera industry without the extensive print, television, radio and web campaigns that we use. We don't advertise to make ourselves feel important. We do it because it is absolutely vital to our business.
And let me put our advertising costs in perspective. The millions of dollars we spend annually for advertising constitute only a small percentage of our total sales and marketing costs and only a few cents of the cost of each camera. Costs for our salespeople would be exorbitant and less purposeful if they did not have the support and benefit of our advertising pre-selling.

We review our total marketing efforts several time a year to ensure that we are allocating the most reasonable amounts for the most effective results in each area, advertising, promotions, and direct sales.

Perhaps you can pass this reasoning along the next time a customer raises the argument.

Your name

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sample Business Letter When Retailer Complains Price Increases Are Too High

how to write letter when retailer complains prices
Retailer complaint price

Sample business letter when retailer complaints price increases are too high is a sample that shows appreciation for the customer's letter. Explains the reasons for price increases as one business person to another, leading the client to the agreement, Should be written and signed by an officer of the company.


Thank you for taking the time to tell me your feelings about our prices. Perhaps these figures will help explain our position. We are paying on the average, 15% more this year for our raw materials. We make every effort to maintain a low overhead. Considering the increasing costs in our materials, overhead, and labor, I feel our prices are fair and competitive for our industry.

More important, however, is what our customers are buying when they buy our products. I can certainly understand your desire to get the best deal possible for your business. Our purchasing agents have the same goal, but what does constitute the best deal?
Our most valuable asset is our good name. We manufacture quality products and we stand behind then. We can't afford to cut prices, not if we are to continue to guarantee you and our other customers the best in quality, dependability, and service. It would destroy our good name as a manufacturer and yours as a merchant.

You have established a fine reputation with your store. Can you afford to carry a line of price goods without knowing they will live up to your customers' expectations?


Sample Business Letter Referring a Customer Elsewhere for Information

how to write letter to referring a customer elsewhere for information
referring a customer elsewhere for information

Sample business letter referring a customer elsewhere for information is a sample that goes as far as it can in offering the customer advice and information, and then refer him on to more direct sources of information. The detailed response and friendly tone are aimed at giving the customer the feeling he is always welcome to ask for advice.


Thank you very much for your letter of January 15 regarding institute programs for business executives.

Longan Institute's program, "Managing Organizational Effectiveness," is the only summer program we know of specializing in personnel management. Many other Institute also has programs in human resources management, but they did not offer summer programs.

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Enclosed is information on all four programs, so you can write to the schools directly for more up to date information.

We hope this will be of help to you and wish you every success in your career development plans.

Your name

Friday, April 5, 2019

Sample Business Letter Following Up a Prospect's Inquiry

how to write letter following up a prospect's inquiry
following up a prospect's inquiry

Sample business letter following up a prospect's inquiry is a mailing that has proven successful because it spells out specific benefits to the prospective users, saving on setup time, saving on costs, flexibility, and durability, etc. The writing style halfway between a catalog's specifications and formal prose - it is both informative and interesting.


Here's a shelf system that's elegant to look at, can hold surprising weights yet eight times out of nine ends up costing far less than common industrial shelving.

The big saving here is the cost of construction. In just about every case, we can save  87% of labor costs. For example, one if our units seven feet high, seven feet long with six shelves can go up ready to be loaded in under ten minutes. Against the hours it takes to put up the industrial kind.

And once we're up, ours is stronger, stable and steadier. We're fresher, brighter, prettier and easier to maintain and our tough chrome finish will outlast painted surfaces a dozen times to one. As for strength, each shelf can take 850 pounds of properly distributed weight.
The principle here is basic Erector set, only easier. No screws or bolts but an ingenious locking device that makes our units stronger as loads increase. There are versatility and modularity no other system can match. Dozens of shelf widths and lengths, easily adjustable in one-inch increments. The posts they go on are from 15 inches to eight feet or we can cut them to any length you want.

Units can be built-in or freestanding. Cantilevered or straight, on a wheel or not. We also have a line of elegant looking carts to move around supplies, mail stationery, etc. Besides our chrome finish, we now have five standard epoxy colors, plus dozens of custom ones.

Your name

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sample Business Letter to Prospect in an Organization That Has Used Your Service

How to Prospect In an Organization that has used your service
To Prospect in an Organization That Has Used Your Service

Sample business letter to prospect in an organization that has uses your service is approach is based on the attitude of the common sales that your best prospects are your own customers. Cites how many employees have benefitted from the course then asks a series of questions that unconsciously draw agreement and interest from the reader.


You may be aware of the fact that ABC Institute has had the opportunity to provide supplemental training for many key employees of Mandarin Bank. As a matter of interest, over 200 Mandarin employees around the metropolitan area have graduated from our courses since 1969. This indicates that your company believe in its people and will go the extra mile to help assure their success.

Because of this progressive attitude, many of your top people (yourself included) have probably encouraged their people to enroll in Mandarin Course.

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Please take a few minutes right now to think about the people who work with you. Ask yourself,

  1. Is there someone who needs more confidence?
  2. Could someone improve his or her human relations skills?
  3. Are my people demonstrating leadership or are they just issuing orders?
  4. Could anyone benefit from a more positive attitude and greater enthusiasm?

If these questions make you think of specific individuals or if you have someone in mind for other reasons, we would certainly enjoy working with them through Mandarin Training.

I will call you within the next few days to see when we can share fifteen or twenty minutes to discuss how this training can be of maximum benefit to you and your people.

I look forward to talking to you.

Your name

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Business Letter Example How to Write Email for Meeting Request

business letter example meeting request
business letter example meeting request
This sample email for meeting request is an example of how to make a meeting request after a phone call. Sending a follow-up email really important in order to not lose the essence of the previous conversation.

Dear Ms. Brown,

It was a pleasure to speak with you just now.

The Correspondent’s Editorial Director, Mr. Dennis requested for meeting appointment with Mr. Pattrick, President Director & CEO of ABC Company for discussion of elaboration of the custom-content report that will be published in XYZ magazine.

The Correspondent team had the great privilege of meeting again with Philippines President back in February 2014. Having understood his vision for the country, we want to further strengthen the image of Philippines within our custom-content report in XYZ magazine, as well as to help improve the trust and confidence between the Philippines and the global community. This business report is a comparative journalistic analysis based on the quotes of private and public sector leaders, highlighting on business and investment in the Philippines, with the purpose to attract foreign investment and business partnership.
Therefore, we kindly request this meeting for the elaboration of this report in your earliest convenient time. Please find the official letter of invitation for further information.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email / my mobile xxx xxx xxx / office xxx.

Please confirm that you have received our email. We look forward to hearing from you or to hear any feedback regarding our request.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Your name

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How to Write a Letter for Turning a Problem Into Better Service to the Customer

how to write free sample letter turning problem into better service for customer
turning problem into better service

Business letter turning a problem into better service for the customer is a sample that most salespeople make efforts to adjust problems their customers have with their orders. But excellent salespeople use these problems as an opportunity to establish better communications with the customers and better ways of servicing him in the future. This customer ended up extremely pleased with the improvements in service resulting from his own custom checklist and he became one of this salesperson's most loyal customers.


As a result of the delivery problems you had with us last week, I have met with our shipping and production managers to work out a better system for handling your account. We know we made a mistake on your last order and although we replaced it for you, we want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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We have therefore developed the enclosed checklist to use on each of your future orders, including your firm's particular specifications such as packaging requirements, where the print should appear, etc. I know we can service your company better and help your operations run more smoothly with this safeguard.

I'll call you in a few days to see if you have any additional points you'd like us to include.

Your name

Monday, April 1, 2019

Email Marketing Example How To Offer Your Service

business letter example how to offer your service
email marketing example how to offer your service

Email marketing example how to offer your service goes to emphasize the company's long history of successful service. Closes with a request the reader can hardly refuse, 10 minutes to determine if the company can help to improve the business.


Are you serious about staying in business during these changing times? Are you finding that what worked for you last year is not working for you now?

What you might need is a fresh new idea. Treat yourself to a mental tune-up of your managerial skills. Since 1989 the ABC Institute of Sydney has had the opportunity to increase the productivity of hundreds of companies.

Although we have been around for over seventy years, we find a great number of companies who have only a vague idea of what we do and most importantly what we can do for you.

We provide at no cost or obligation to you, a ten-minute interview, which will help us to get a better understanding of your company's needs, and as a result, be more specific in helping you understand how ABC training would or would not benefit you.

I will call you shortly to arrange a convenient time to meet and then determine if we could be of service.

Your name

Email Marketing - Using Adjustment of Claim as Opportunity to Sell More Product

How to write letter using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product
using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product

Email marketing using adjustment of the claim as an opportunity to sell more product is a sample that tells the customer how the problem is being handled and when he can expect to receive the replacement shipment. Proceeds into a soft sell of the product sent in error. Makes it easy for the retailer to decide to try out the line by offering to postpone billing.


Thank you for telling me about the mixup in our shipment to you last week. I've checked with our shipping and accounting people, and it turns out that you were billed for the six dozen "Premium Food Processors" which you ordered. The problem was in our shipping department mislabeling your cartons and sending you a shipment ordered by another retailer.

The six dozen processors you ordered are being sent to you today and you should receive them in a few days. As far as the shipment of pasta makers sent to you in error, you can, of course, return them to us and we will pay the shipping charge.
However, you may want to keep the pasta makers as well. They have turned to be a very popular item this year. I'm sending you some display pieces under separate cover, which you can use to draw attention to the line in your store.

Why not keep the pasta makers and see how they do? I'll arrange with our accounting department to push back the billing, to give you plenty of time to handle both payments.

Please let me know what you decide.

Your name

Sample Business Letter From the Department Store to Dissatisfied Customer

How to write sample business letter from the department store to the dissatisfied customer
from the department store to the dissatisfied customer

Sample business letter from the department store to the dissatisfied customer is a apologizes for the discourtesy of the store employee, and explains how the situation will be corrected. Shows appreciation for long time customer's bringing the matter to the attention of management, as well as for her business. Aims to maintain customer's loyalty and to uphold the department store's popular reputation for service and quality.


Thank you for writing and telling me about your unpleasant experience with the head of our suburban branch store's shoe department. I apologize for the way he treated you, and I would like to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

You are absolutely right, the problem you have had with your boots should not occur in just one season of wear. And regardless of which branch you bought the boots in, any branch should serve you and arrange for the necessary repair. The photocopy you sent of your receipt was sufficient for me to check back on our computer's sales and inventory records.

Please ship the booths to our Manhattan store, to my attention and I will send them back to the manufacturer. If they cannot repair the boots properly, we will send you a new pair. We will, of course, reimburse you for the postage.

Please don't hesitate to call on me again if there is anything I can do to help you.

Your name