Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sample Memo for Updating Sales Force on Delays in Introducing a New Product

sample business letter
updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product

Sample memo for updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product is a sample that shows an understanding and appreciation for the fact that the salespeople have been out on the firing line, dealing with customer complaints about an important new product held up in production. Gives information they can pass on to customers, also shows sensitivity to salespeople's morale and concerns by explaining that sales quotas will be adjusted and their extra efforts rewarded.

To Sales Force

First, I'd like to thank all of you and congratulate you on your fine results in bringing in orders for our new power assembly drive.

I know you've all been disappointed by the delays in production and that your customers have been complaining as well. Please make every effort to explain that these delays were the result of our engineers introducing two important changes in the final design, both changes which we feel will ensure a better and more efficient product.

Specifically, these changes are the result of our engineers' field tests and they will provide a substantial reduction in breakdowns and more efficient use of power. These changes and the savings they will provide your customers in their daily operations are detailed in the enclosed information sheets. Please distribute them to every customer who has the machine on order.

As far as your quotas are concerned, we understand that your additional time fielding complaints and reassuring those who've ordered this product is taking up much of your time. This new machine is our sales priority and we are adjusting your bonus quotas for this quarter to reflect it. You will not be penalized for any drop in sales on our other lines. And when this new product is finally out to our customers, you will receive appropriate bonuses.

Please call me or drop in if you have any questions.


Your position

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