Monday, March 4, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Gracious Reminder

How to write gracious reminder without offending the other party
sample business letter for gracious reminder

Sample business letter for a gracious reminder is a sample for a very polite first reminder. A different angle "siding" with the customer to prove his intentions to pay are good.


Will you help me with an argument I'm having with our Credit Manager?

Our Credit Manager says that you have not paid the past due amount of $15,000 for your subscription to ABC Magazine. She feels that since we sent you several months' service without receiving payment or other instructions from you, your account should be sent to our attorney.

I disagree with her because I am convinced that you have merely overlooked our bills or that you have a good reason for ignoring them. I have prevailed upon her to delay any further action until I hear from you.

Our Credit Manager wins if I do not hear from you. I win if your payment or reason for disregarding our bills reaches me with seven (7) days after you receive this letter. Please be sure to mention your account number in your correspondence for immediate service.

Let's show the Credit Manager she's wrong!


Your name

P.S. If you have sent us payment recently, it may have crossed this letter. In that case, please accept my thanks and ignore this letter. "

Word File this sample business letter format available here. 

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