Monday, March 11, 2019

Following Up an Inquiry about a Specific Product

email marketing example or digital marketing
email marketing example following up an inquiry

Email marketing example following up an inquiry about a specific product is a sample email that explains about this industrial floor covering comes alive with a detailed almost poetic description of everything from specifications to design to durability to maintenance. It is packed with the information a purchasing agent would need to convince his own superiors, to check references, and to compare with competitors.


Here's the information on Roman you asking for. Also a sample of our latest color. And we are the new distributor in town.

Stand by for speedy through...

Roman is a stunning, design product. Properly installed there's nothing around quite like it. Maintenance is a breeze. No Wax, just buffing with a soft pad to bring up its richness and warmth, Tiles are cut accurately and true and with good installation will appear virtually seamless.

Note the elegance of the molding and you'll see the fine hand of our Italian designers. Note too, the base of each stud is sloped so dirt can't be trapped. The composition is unique, virgin rubbers is a special and expensive silica filler and a permanent wax.

Stories and durability and longevity are incredible. Ten and twelve years in heavily trafficked metros and airports with years to go. Tiles come in meter and quarter meter squares (39 3/8" and 19 5/8"). Several profiles and thicknesses. Acoustic backing and flat, studs are round and square with dynamite colors. Knockout browns and grays, besides radials we have flats in both solids and marbelized.

The background here is design. We know your problems and how to handle them. We're very cooperative. Call us if you need more information, more samples or if you'd like us to come over.

Many thanks for your interest.

Your name

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