Friday, March 1, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Asking Supplier to Replace Defective Equipment

how to write letter for asking to replace defective equipment
sample letter for asking the supplier to replace defective equipment

Sample business letter for asking the supplier to replace defective equipment is a sample that states the problem rationally and matter of factly. Appeal to the vendor's sense of fairness and desire to maintain its good reputation.


Three weeks ago your company shipped us an ABC washing machine. It has broken down four times since then. Each breakdown meant hours of time lost on the machine, as we waited for the serviceman to respond to our call, and then to obtain parts to fix it.

The washing machine has broken down once again, and although service is included in our one year warranty, we do not want it serviced. We want you to replace it with a new machine. Obviously, there is something defective about this machine, and we can no longer permit the interruptions and irritation caused by constant breakdowns.

We bought your washing machine because of your company's reputation for quality goods and fair play. Do not give us a reason to lose that confidence. Please let me know when I can expect to receive a new washing machine.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name"

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

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