Monday, March 25, 2019

Sample Business Letter Announcing Price Increases to Steady Customer

business letter example announcing price increases to steady customer
announcing price increases to a steady customer
Sample business letter announcing price increase to the steady customer is a form letter to all customers with the new catalog. Emphasizes the improved product line and a minimal number of price increases. Presents the increases as reasonable and understandable to fellow business people. Finally, it asks for the customer's order.


Enclosed is your copy of our latest air conditioning and washing machine supplies catalog.

Advances in design this past year has resulted in a number of changes in our line. You'll note over a hundred "specials" highlighted in red, that we are introducing this year. Of course, the catalog also includes the other approximately 500 items in our line.
Few of us in this industry have been untouched by price increases. Certainly, they have affected your business as well as ours. It took a bit of effort, but we are happy to report that we did manage to keep from increasing prices across the board. In many cases, we made only small increases, and some prices remain the same as last year.

One thing you can depend on our quality and service is still top rate. Why not take a look through the catalog and send in your order via our website?

Your name

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