Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sample Business Letter Recontacting Old Prospects to Sell A Service

letter how to recontacting old prospects to sell a service
how to recontacting old prospect to sell a service

Sample business letter recontacting old prospects to sell a service is a sample that refers to the fact that the person had once shown interest in finding out about the service, and states probable reasons why he or she never signed up for a course. This leads the person to a mood of agreeing with the letter and to be most receptive to calling up.


When all is said and done... will you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you waited until it was too late?

Some time ago you looked into a way to expand your potential and develop new skills. But like many of us, the immediate aspects of life got in the way. An excuse like no time, too much work, no money, too scary, family commitments, new job, etc were all good reasons that you gave yourself for not taking the first step, but are you honestly able to look in the mirror today and accept those as valid reasons for not exploring new dimensions of yourself?

A new year and a new beginning await you, the decisions that you make today will shape the way your life unfolds in the coming months.

I would like to encourage you to take that first step to do something that may have an impact on every aspect of your life and help you function in the fullest possible way.

Please read the enclosed brochure and call me at XXXXXXXXX.


Your name

Monday, March 25, 2019

Sample Business Letter Announcing Price Increases to Steady Customer

business letter example announcing price increases to steady customer
announcing price increases to a steady customer
Sample business letter announcing price increase to the steady customer is a form letter to all customers with the new catalog. Emphasizes the improved product line and a minimal number of price increases. Presents the increases as reasonable and understandable to fellow business people. Finally, it asks for the customer's order.


Enclosed is your copy of our latest air conditioning and washing machine supplies catalog.

Advances in design this past year has resulted in a number of changes in our line. You'll note over a hundred "specials" highlighted in red, that we are introducing this year. Of course, the catalog also includes the other approximately 500 items in our line.
Few of us in this industry have been untouched by price increases. Certainly, they have affected your business as well as ours. It took a bit of effort, but we are happy to report that we did manage to keep from increasing prices across the board. In many cases, we made only small increases, and some prices remain the same as last year.

One thing you can depend on our quality and service is still top rate. Why not take a look through the catalog and send in your order via our website?

Your name

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sample Resignation Letter

how to write good resignation letter
Resignation letter

The sample of a resignation letter is a letter that quite simple but has the point about your resignation, because for whatever reason, writing a good resignation letter is needed. It will give you a good impression and the company you left will always remember you as a good and reliable person.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby confirm the submission of my resignation as Manager of the Company effective on December 24, 2018.
I thank you for all the support given to me during my tenure and it has been a pleasure serving the company as Manager.

I wish the company and staff continued success in the future.

Sincerely Yours,
Your name

Sample Sponsor Letter to Apply UK Visa

sponsor letter to apply uk visa
sponsor letter to apply for uk visa

Sample sponsor letter to apply UK Visa is a free format sponsor letter to apply UK Visa for business purposes. Normally, this sponsor letter will be issued by the company that invited you and they will cover all the expenses during your trip.

Your City, March 6th, 2018

To :
City Name

Attn: Visa Section

Dear Sir/Madam

With this letter, I would like to inform  you that I am the undersigned,

            Name               : Sarah Darville
            Position           : Manager Human Resources Department of ABC Company
Certify that,

            Name               : Romain
            Position           : Managing Director of ABC Company
            Passport No     : XXXXXX
            Name               : Taruno Nugroho Adi
            Position           : Marketing Director of ABC Company
            Passport No     : XXXXXX
Are planning to attend an invitation by ABC Company to visit XYZ Manufacturing facility in London for 7 days in March 2018

I acknowledge and guarantee that they will not seek any employment or permanent stay into your country and will return to (Origin Country name) soon after the business trip finished. All kinds of expenses during this trip are fully covered by the company.

Kindly grant them the necessary entry visa in order to join in the tour program. Your kind assistance will be very highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah Darville
Manager Human Resources Department of ABC Company

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sample Business Letter Identifying a Good Distributor

how to write proper letter regarding identifying a good distributor
sample business letter identifying a good distributor

Sample business letter identifying a good distributor is a request for a sales representative recommendation. Not only is it a clear letter, but the writer has to make sure that he knows exactly what he wants so he can ask for it.


Our company manufactures a line of (product name) that are used successfully by companies in (number) countries. A product specification sheet is enclosed.

We are considering the possibilities of expanding our products to new markets and we would appreciate your assistance. In particular, we are attempting to identify the best sales representatives who currently serve your industry in your area.

We are interested in individuals and organizations which conduct their business in a truly professional manner,i.e. understand product requirement thoroughly, are fully acquainted with all the features of the line they represent, are conscientious about fulfilling their obligations, etc.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to send us the names and addresses of three or four sales representative organizations that you are familiar with and can recommend as performing in a thoroughly professional manner. In turn, we will contact these firms to explore the possibilities of establishing a mutually attractive business relationship. Your role would not be disclosed unless you wish it.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Your name

Sample Business Letter to Prospect After Phone Call and Before First Direct Call

how to write proper business letter after a phone call and before first direct call
sample business letter to prospect after the phone call

Sample business letter to prospects after the phone call and before the first direct call is a sample that starts with highlights of service offered but spends more time on potential benefits for the prospect. This letter can be tailored to each prospect's industry. In this case, the heavy machine industry. By offering answers to why business people like you use our service, this letter pre-sells the prospect.


Thank you for your interest in the ABC Yellow Pages. Per our telephone conversation of last week, I am enclosing literature about our company.

The ABC Yellow Pages' Brooklyn and Manhattan Redbooks are all-purpose yellow pages which cover Brooklyn from the Battery to 110th Street and cover Manhattan in selected areas. The Brooklyn Redbooks reach 96% of the businesses and homes in these areas. The total circulation for the Redbooks is over 1,5 Million.
There are three main reasons why the ABC Yellow Pages will be of interest to your company. First, these books are used by consumers and company personnel to obtain information about products as well as services at a time when they are ready to buy. Second, our Cityphone referral service shows that one of the primary products and services people request information about is that service provided by the manufacturer. Third, our rates are the lowest per thousand in the United States. An advertiser has an array of possible programs.

Why do business people like you like to use the ABC Yellow Pages? In business, time is money. The ABC Yellow Pages provides them with three ways of instantly obtaining information on a variety of products and services. They can look under the appropriate heading for a particular product. They can listen to TAPETALK (a recorded message that each of our advertisers has on file) and can learn more about a particular company. People also can turn to our Cityphone referral office (an information service which is free to the advertiser and prospect).

I hope I have answered some of your questions, and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Your name

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sample Sponsor Letter Apply Japan's Visa With Bringing A Family Member

how to write sponsor letter to apply for Japan's Visa
Sample sponsor letter apply for Japan's visa

Sample sponsor letter to apply for Japan's visa with bringing a family member is a sample letter that you need to provide if you are going to travel with your family member (son/daughter). In this letter, you need to inform your detailed information together with your son/daughter information, explain your trip purpose, and state your financial status. For those who often travel abroad, surely the matter of making a visa is not something new. Visas are required for those countries that don't have any privilege to enter the host country. Visas are useful as documents that contain a permit if you allowed entering a country. Not all countries getting the privilege to enter a Japanese country, therefore for those countries who don't have that privilege, they need to apply for a visa.

Your city, 13th  February 2018
Attention to:
City address, Country

Re: Sponsor Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

With this letter, I am the undersigned,

Name                   : Richard Darren
Position               : Manager, Human Resources & General Affairs Department

Certify that the names below,

Name                   : Margareth Brown
Passport No.       : XXXXXX

Name                    : Ryan Dalle
Status                   : Son
Passport No.        : XXXXXX

Will be traveling to Japan and all expenses incurred during this trip will be covered by their personal account.

We have no objection to the above-mentioned trip and confirm that they will return to (Country Name) as soon as the trip is over. Thus, this request and sponsorship letter is written in all truth and sincerity.

We would kindly appreciate if you could grant them the necessary entry visa for the above-mentioned name.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Darren
Manager, Human Resources & General Affairs Department

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sample Business letter Saying No To A Sales Representative

saying no to a sales representative
sample business letter saying no to a sales representative

Sample business letter for saying no to a sales representative is a sample letter that firm but polite"rejection", and very useful when you are not interested now but maybe in the future. It saves you from the possible intrusion of follow-up calls and letters from the salesperson in the following weeks but also lets the salesperson know you would like him to contact you again a few months later. The approach will foster a good relationship between your firms, a benefit when you finally are ready to buy.


Thank you for your excellent presentation the other day. It was certainly most entertaining and you answered my questions most professionally.

Unfortunately, after going over the figures and calculations with my treasurer, the bottom line is that we just can't substantiate such an outlay of cash at this time. We really want to conserve our cash over the next few months and we might be interested in talking to you again in the near future.

But I'm afraid we'll have to say "no thanks" for the time being.

Again, thanks for your time and efforts.

Your name

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

When Warranty Doesn't Cover Repair Costs

when warranty doesn't cover repair costs
When Warranty Doesn't Cover Repair Costs

The sample business letter when the warranty doesn't cover repair costs is sympathizing with the customer's aggravation and thanks to them for giving the company a chance to explain. Clearly explains why the service contract does not cover this repair and appeals to the customer's sense of fairness by saying that, in similar situations, the company asks other customers for payment. Shows a sincere desire to prevent future expense and aggravation by inviting the customer to learn more about the care and use of the product.


Thank you for your letter questioning our bill. I'm glad you've given us the opportunity to explain our policy and to avoid any future misunderstanding.

We certainly understand your aggravation at receiving a bill when you are paying a yearly service charge. While we do guarantee monthly maintenance service and free calls whenever your photocopier breaks down, our contract clearly states that we do not incur the costs of repairing damages caused by misuse.

Our serviceman examined your photocopier for several hours at your office and then brought parts of the machine back to our office center for further examination by our experts. These engineers determined that the problems you were experiencing were caused by someone pouring a full cup of toner fluid into the compartment for developer fluid.

The bill for $50.00 is based on our labor costs in repairing the damage caused by that mistake. We did not charge you for our serviceman's call, which is covered by your contract with us. Since we insist that all our other customers pay for any repair not covered by their contracts, we cannot in fairness make an exception in your case. I hope you will understand our situation and send us your payment.

We'd like to help you learn how to prevent this kind of problem in the future, and the inconvenience that it causes everyone in your office. Won't you send one of your secretaries to our free training program? It consists of two one hour sessions and is run especially to instruct office workers on the proper care and maintenance of our copiers. Just give me the word, and I'll be happy to reserve a spot in our next class.

Your name

Monday, March 11, 2019

Following Up an Inquiry about a Specific Product

email marketing example or digital marketing
email marketing example following up an inquiry

Email marketing example following up an inquiry about a specific product is a sample email that explains about this industrial floor covering comes alive with a detailed almost poetic description of everything from specifications to design to durability to maintenance. It is packed with the information a purchasing agent would need to convince his own superiors, to check references, and to compare with competitors.


Here's the information on Roman you asking for. Also a sample of our latest color. And we are the new distributor in town.

Stand by for speedy through...

Roman is a stunning, design product. Properly installed there's nothing around quite like it. Maintenance is a breeze. No Wax, just buffing with a soft pad to bring up its richness and warmth, Tiles are cut accurately and true and with good installation will appear virtually seamless.

Note the elegance of the molding and you'll see the fine hand of our Italian designers. Note too, the base of each stud is sloped so dirt can't be trapped. The composition is unique, virgin rubbers is a special and expensive silica filler and a permanent wax.

Stories and durability and longevity are incredible. Ten and twelve years in heavily trafficked metros and airports with years to go. Tiles come in meter and quarter meter squares (39 3/8" and 19 5/8"). Several profiles and thicknesses. Acoustic backing and flat, studs are round and square with dynamite colors. Knockout browns and grays, besides radials we have flats in both solids and marbelized.

The background here is design. We know your problems and how to handle them. We're very cooperative. Call us if you need more information, more samples or if you'd like us to come over.

Many thanks for your interest.

Your name

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sample Memo for Updating Sales Force on Delays in Introducing a New Product

sample business letter
updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product

Sample memo for updating salesforce on delays in introducing a new product is a sample that shows an understanding and appreciation for the fact that the salespeople have been out on the firing line, dealing with customer complaints about an important new product held up in production. Gives information they can pass on to customers, also shows sensitivity to salespeople's morale and concerns by explaining that sales quotas will be adjusted and their extra efforts rewarded.

To Sales Force

First, I'd like to thank all of you and congratulate you on your fine results in bringing in orders for our new power assembly drive.

I know you've all been disappointed by the delays in production and that your customers have been complaining as well. Please make every effort to explain that these delays were the result of our engineers introducing two important changes in the final design, both changes which we feel will ensure a better and more efficient product.

Specifically, these changes are the result of our engineers' field tests and they will provide a substantial reduction in breakdowns and more efficient use of power. These changes and the savings they will provide your customers in their daily operations are detailed in the enclosed information sheets. Please distribute them to every customer who has the machine on order.

As far as your quotas are concerned, we understand that your additional time fielding complaints and reassuring those who've ordered this product is taking up much of your time. This new machine is our sales priority and we are adjusting your bonus quotas for this quarter to reflect it. You will not be penalized for any drop in sales on our other lines. And when this new product is finally out to our customers, you will receive appropriate bonuses.

Please call me or drop in if you have any questions.


Your position

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Gracious Reminder

How to write gracious reminder without offending the other party
sample business letter for gracious reminder

Sample business letter for a gracious reminder is a sample for a very polite first reminder. A different angle "siding" with the customer to prove his intentions to pay are good.


Will you help me with an argument I'm having with our Credit Manager?

Our Credit Manager says that you have not paid the past due amount of $15,000 for your subscription to ABC Magazine. She feels that since we sent you several months' service without receiving payment or other instructions from you, your account should be sent to our attorney.

I disagree with her because I am convinced that you have merely overlooked our bills or that you have a good reason for ignoring them. I have prevailed upon her to delay any further action until I hear from you.

Our Credit Manager wins if I do not hear from you. I win if your payment or reason for disregarding our bills reaches me with seven (7) days after you receive this letter. Please be sure to mention your account number in your correspondence for immediate service.

Let's show the Credit Manager she's wrong!


Your name

P.S. If you have sent us payment recently, it may have crossed this letter. In that case, please accept my thanks and ignore this letter. "

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sample Business Letter Seeking Business Associate's Advice

sample business letter
seeking business associate's advice

Sample business letter seeking business associate's advice is a sample that tells why they need the advice and specifically what they need to know. Asks in an appreciative and respectful manner. Ends by offering to return the favor in the future.


We're thinking of moving to new office space within the next five months, probably in the downtown area.

I remember you went through a lot of headaches three years ago when you people made your move. I'd be grateful if you would share with me some of the expertise you gained "the hard way".

I'd especially appreciate your advice on what to look for and how to protects ourselves when contracting with real estate brokers, moving firms, and office space designers. Also, any firms you would recommend in those areas.

Please call me at ABCDEFGHIJ if you'd prefer to give the information over the phone.

Thanks in advance for your help, and please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you.


Your name

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sample Business Letter Factory Acceptance Test Invitation

Sample Business Letter
factory acceptance test invitation

This invitation letter regarding Factory Acceptance Test or known as FAT is an invitation that normally happens after the company has an agreement for procurement and has signed the contract. Before the goods delivered to the buyer, the seller needs to provide the FAT report, and in this case, they should invite the buyer representative to do the FAT.

To. XYZ Company

Their Address

It’s a pleasure to notify you that, we are ABC Company would like to Invite XYZ Company representative to visit our Manufacture in Swedia, at the end of March 2019.

The purpose of this visit is to Proceed Factory Acceptance Test for Contract No. XXXXXX dated January XX, XXXX. 

To support this activity, please send a maximum of 2 (two) participants as your representative, including their passport's copy in order to provide the invitation letter. For your information, all expenses incurred during this trip will be covered by the XYZ Company itself.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Your name

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Asking Supplier to Replace Defective Equipment

how to write letter for asking to replace defective equipment
sample letter for asking the supplier to replace defective equipment

Sample business letter for asking the supplier to replace defective equipment is a sample that states the problem rationally and matter of factly. Appeal to the vendor's sense of fairness and desire to maintain its good reputation.


Three weeks ago your company shipped us an ABC washing machine. It has broken down four times since then. Each breakdown meant hours of time lost on the machine, as we waited for the serviceman to respond to our call, and then to obtain parts to fix it.

The washing machine has broken down once again, and although service is included in our one year warranty, we do not want it serviced. We want you to replace it with a new machine. Obviously, there is something defective about this machine, and we can no longer permit the interruptions and irritation caused by constant breakdowns.

We bought your washing machine because of your company's reputation for quality goods and fair play. Do not give us a reason to lose that confidence. Please let me know when I can expect to receive a new washing machine.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name"

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