Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sample Memo for Reminder on Answering Telephones

how to write memo for reminder on answering telephones
sample memo reminder

This sample memo for the reminder on answering the telephones is a sample that even though you were quite angry about the complaints, you controlled your anger and instead wrote this clear instructional memo, You can't assume your employees will know your preferences for such procedures.

"To: Office Staff
From: _____

I have received some complaints from our customers about being kept on hold for long periods of time.

Please keep the following basics of office telephone etiquette in mind and practice them.

1. When people in your department are away from their desks, answer their telephones. Even if you cannot help the caller yourself, take a complete message so the right person can get back to them.

2. If you need to pass a call to another extension, first tell the caller that person's full telephone number so they can call back directly if they are disconnected.

3. Don't keep people on hold - nothing is more frustrating for them. If you will need some time to look up information, or to consult another member of your department, tell the caller you'll need some time and that you will call them back. Take their name and telephone number and give them an approximate time when you will get back to them.

Remember, our customers, vendors, the general public and most everyone forms their opinions and images of our business based on the way we treat them. Let's be helpful, courteous and responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name"

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