Thursday, February 7, 2019

Email Marketing Offering Services

digital marketing or email marketing
pre-approach mailing offering services

Email marketing offering services basically following the same four steps of good pre-approach mailings which are getting attention, creating interest, creating desire, stating specific action.

Dear ....,

No one ever spends money through me.

That's a peculiar statement from a salesperson, but it happens to be true. My role is to help people review their financial situations and their future needs. If through my years of training and experience in helping many clients, I see opportunities for financial improvement, I point them out. If they accept my suggestions, they don't spend money; they transfer money from one place to another... but only if they are convinced that they may be better off by doing so.

Whether or not I can prove helpful to you remains to be seen. Perhaps you'll agree, though, that you owe yourself the opportunity to find out. There's no fee for counseling and you are under no obligation to accept any ideas I may propose.

I plan to call you on Thursday evening to request the courtesy of an appointment.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

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