Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sample Memo to Asking for Cooperation

how to write memo for asking cooperation
sample memo for cooperation

Sample memo to asking for cooperation is a sample that very effective momo concerning frivolous expenses that could be avoided. Explains the situation, offers definite figures for better understanding and urges employee cooperation. A little on the reprimand side, but that's difficult to avoid in this type of case.

To: All Employees

Re: Telephone Bill

Last month's telephone bill was almost $30,000. This is 60% higher than what it was last year at this time, while our volume of business has increased only 4% during the same period.

We have no objections to your using the telephone occasionally for personal calls. Where long distance calls have been made, we have asked the persons to reimburse the company and those who have made long distance calls have done so.
What we can't ask reimbursement for, however, are local calls. These are charged as message units and are not itemized by extension on the bill. Also, we cannot ask reimbursement for the cost of your time spent on the telephone calls, both calls that you dial and those personal calls you received on company time.

All of us can be more effective in business calls as well. You can reduce the length of such a call by planning it in advance and keeping the pleasantries to the minimum required for courtesy.

Your cooperation in lowering our telephone bill will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Your name

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Memo Reminder to Answer the Telephone

sample memo reminder
reminder to answer the telephone

Sample memo reminder to answer the telephones is a sample that even though you were quite angry about the complaints, you controlled your anger and instead wrote this clear instructional memo, You can't assume your employees will know your preferences for such procedures.

To: Office Staff
From: _____

I have received some complaints from our customers about being kept on hold for long periods of time.

Please keep the following basics of office telephone etiquette in mind and practice them.

1. When people in your department are away from their desks, answer their telephones. Even if you cannot help the caller yourself, take a complete message so the right person can get back to them.

2. If you need to pass a call to another extension, first tell the caller that person's full telephone number so they can call back directly if they are disconnected.

3. Don't keep people on hold - nothing is more frustrating for them. If you will need some time to look up information, or to consult another member of your department, tell the caller you'll need some time and that you will call them back. Take their name and telephone number and give them an approximate time when you will get back to them.

Remember, our customers, vendors, the general public and most everyone forms their opinions and images of our business based on the way we treat them. Let's be helpful, courteous, and responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

General Business Letter Example - Giving Information

digital marketing or email marketing
general business letter example

A good business letter makes its point, clear crisp, and businesslike. This sample business letter will help you write a consistently sharp and purposeful letter that reflects well on you and your company.

Here free sample business letter format for giving information:

Dear Mr. Roberts,

This is an example of the block style, another widely used form of the business letter. Note that the dateline above is typed against the right margin, but the inside address and the paragraphs are typed without indenting as in the full-block style.

The complimentary close is placed slightly to the right of the center of the page with the signature aligned beneath it.

Note, too, that open punctuation is used in the inside address.

Cordially yours,
Your name

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Four Point Formula for Effective Business Letter

the important of writing business letter using four point formula for effective letter
fundamentals of effective business letter

The Fundamentals of Effective Business Letter

There are probably as many formulas for effective business letters as there are writing experts, but, in the end, all business letter included all the free sample business letter that we provide here, share the same fundamentals: shortness, simplicity, strength, and sincerity. These comprise the writer's formula conceived by Mona Sheppard, a prominent consultant to corporations and the U.S. government.

Here the Four Point you need to understand:

1. Shortness

This is the golden rule of business writing. Say only what needs to be said, and use only the words needed to say it. Use Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs.

2. Simplicity

Know your subject so well you can discuss it confidently and naturally. Keep closely related parts of a sentence together. Connect sentences so the reader can follow you from one to another without getting lost.

3. Strength

Use words that stand for things the reader can feel, hear, taste, touch and see. Use active verbs, emphasize the main idea of your letter.

4. Sincerity

Be natural and conversational, be human and avoid old-fashioned letter language. And above all, don't try to hedge or cover up with fancy words when you're discussing a mistake. Admit the mistake. That's what sincerity is all about.
Here's a horrible example of an important letter that violates formula on nearly all counts,
"Sick leave shall be granted to employees when they are incapacitated for the performance of their duties, when a member of the immediate family of employee  is affected with contagious disease and requires care and attendance of the employee, or when, through exposureto contagious disease, the presence of the employee  at his post of duty would jeopardize the health of others or for medical dental or optical examination or treatment or by sickness, pregnancy, confinement."
How many employees would read and understand that letter, even though it's about a matter of concern to them? Applying the four points in the formula makes a big difference in the free sample business letter below:

"Employees are granted sick leave for these four reasons:
  1. A member of their family has a contagious disease and needs their care;
  2. Their presence on the job would jeopardize others through  exposure to contagious disease;
  3. They need optical, dental or medical treatment;
  4. They cannot work due to sickness, pregnancy, confinement or injury."

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Write Business Letter for Asking Referrals

How to write business letter for asking referrals
Letter for asking referrals
The time to ask for referrals is when your customer expresses appreciation for the help your product or service has given to him. This asks straightforwardly for referrals and makes it easy for the customer to respond by enclosing a form and email.

Dear .....,

It was good seeing you last week. I was very glad to see for myself that the new cooling system we've developed for manufacturers in your industry. And while we spend most of our time servicing valued customers like yourself, we're always interested in bringing on more good customers.

Read also: Sample Condolence Letter

I'd appreciate your suggesting some of your industry associates who also may be able to benefit from our systems. I'm enclosing a form so you can list their names and addresses, and return it to me in the enclosed self-addressed email.

Thank for your help, and see you again on the 15th.

Your name

Friday, February 8, 2019

Sample Condolence Letter

free sample condolence letter
Sample Condolence Letter

This sample condolence letter is a very simple but sincere condolence letter. Characteristically short and to the point. The idea is to acknowledge the employee 's loss and to show some understanding. It's always nice to offer assistance, but one should do so only if one is prepared to follow through.

Here the free sample business letter format for condolence,

"Dear .....,

We at ABC Company were shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely death of your sister. I know there is little comfort in words, but I do want you to know how deeply we feel for you. Please call on me if there is anything that I personally can do to help you.


Your name"

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Email Marketing Offering Services

digital marketing or email marketing
pre-approach mailing offering services

Email marketing offering services basically following the same four steps of good pre-approach mailings which are getting attention, creating interest, creating desire, stating specific action.

Dear ....,

No one ever spends money through me.

That's a peculiar statement from a salesperson, but it happens to be true. My role is to help people review their financial situations and their future needs. If through my years of training and experience in helping many clients, I see opportunities for financial improvement, I point them out. If they accept my suggestions, they don't spend money; they transfer money from one place to another... but only if they are convinced that they may be better off by doing so.

Whether or not I can prove helpful to you remains to be seen. Perhaps you'll agree, though, that you owe yourself the opportunity to find out. There's no fee for counseling and you are under no obligation to accept any ideas I may propose.

I plan to call you on Thursday evening to request the courtesy of an appointment.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sample Business Letter Pre-approach from Manufacturing Company

digital marketing or email marketing
email marketing example

Sample business letter pre-approach from the manufacturing company basically is another email marketing following the same pre-approach mailing steps like getting attention, creating interest, creating desire, stating specific action.

Dear .....,

I'd like to make an exchange with you. For 15 minutes of your time, I'll give you 300 extra hours this year. That sound s exaggerated, but I think it is true.

My firm has spent many years developing a new, dry, high-speed office copier. Test after test, under customer use, has shown that the average time an executive saved by putting the machine on his desk is four hours a week ... 300 hours a year.

When I see you, I won't have much to say. Our machine, the E - Z Office Copier, will do most of the talking. All I ask is the opportunity to put it on your desk, give you one brief demonstration and then let you use it yourself so that you can fully appreciate the ease and speed of operation ... and the quality of the sharp, clean, dry copies it produces.

For myself, I'll reserve the pleasure of telling you how low the investment is. I plan to call you on Wednesday evening to request the courtesy of 30 minutes.

Your name

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Email marketing or digital marketing selling advertising space

email marketing for business
digital marketing selling advertising space

Using email as digital marketing for selling advertising space need to be written from the advertiser's point of view. No time is wasted on the publication, the focus is on a market profile of the readership. It is persuasive in pointing out the advantages of targeting this market. Also important, it uses the advertiser's language.


There's only one reason someone buys a buyer's guide. He wants to see what's out there to buy.

The readership of our Mobile Phone Buyer's Guide and Handbook is "buyers only." When someone buys our publication he's already decided he needs a mobile phone. Made up his mind to buy one. And is out scanning the marketplace to see what that purchase will be. There is no better time than right now - when his buying decision is being shaped - for you to have your selling message in front of him. Surely there's no better place.

Our readers don't own a mobile phone yet. Pose that against other publications that say 30% to 65% of their readers already own mobile phone. Waste barely exists with us. Or consider intentions-to-buy-soon. Most general books have it at 5% to 10% with some verticals going as high as 20%. With us, you come as close to 97% as you can get by virtue of the fact they have just paid an important $2.90 to see what mobile phone companies like yours have to offer.

Look at it another way. Because they've gone out and deliberately bought us as a buyer's guide, they'll read us differently. With the important and expensive purchase, they're about to make, we'll be studied. Pored over. Pick up to be read over and over again. Because it's information they want, they will stop to read your ads rather than flash past them in the micro-seconds research says they do.

Our guide provides an extraordinary setting for your ads. There is no denser population of prospective buyers. No purer one. Because our reader is bent on buying, no medium can be more effective. Nor can your advertising dollars be better spent.

Please look us over. I'll call you next week to talk to you about the possibilities of your advertising with us.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Saying No to Job Applicant

how to reply with proper writing to saying no to job applicant
free sample business letter for saying no to the job applicant

Sample business letter for saying no to a job applicant is a tactful and very polite "No" letter to a job applicant for almost any type of job opening. It's very clear and give you a professional impression without hurting the applicant feeling.

Here free sample business letter for saying no to the job applicant,


Thank you for taking the time to send me your resume, I was most impressed with the caliber and quality of your of your writing experience.

Unfortunately, I must report that we have filled the opening we advertised in the XXX Newspaper. It was a most difficult task to select the right person.

Thanks again for your interest. Should any new developments occur, we'll keep your resume on file.

Your name"

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sample Business Letter How to Decline Freelancer

sample business letter
how to decline freelancer

Sample letter to decline freelancer is a typical Rejection/Decline Letter, especially in the face of a dragging economy, to answer freelance writers' inquiries about freelance work. A polite and to the point letter that does the job.

Here free sample business letter format to decline freelancer,


I'm afraid I must inform you that the ABC Institute now writes almost all of its copy internally and our need for freelance writers has greatly diminished.

We have informed Writer's Market of our intentions to cease using outside writers, and we're sorry to have caused you any inconvenience.

With best regards,

Your name

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Declining an Invitation

sample business letter to declining an invitation
sample business letter to declining an invitation
This business letter example to decline an invitation is a polite and cordial response to a business-related invitation. If you are free but want to decline, don't give a false excuse that could be discovered. Simply say you have a previous engagement.


Thank you for the invitation to the ...... Association banquet on June 23.

I'm afraid I'll be out of town on business that week so I won't be able to attend.

Thanks again for thinking of me, and I hope the evening is a great success.


Your name

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Asking Goods Which Haven't Received

free sample business letter writing to asking goods which haven't received
free business letter to asking goods which haven't received

Sample business letter format for asking goods which haven't received is a polite email to asking your goods which already shipped but haven't received, without offending the sender.

"Hi Marsha, 

I hope this finds you well...

To date I still haven’t received the Laptop I ordered from you last June. Can you help me check from your side where the goods are at the moment? I assume you tracked the shipment?

Thank you and regards,
Your name"

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