Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cover Memo Accompanying New In-House Publication

How to write memo accompanying new in-house publication
the cover memo accompanying new In House Publication
This sample cover memo accompanying new in-house publication is encouraged managers to make use of a new guide book and points out section most likely to help them out. Kept short - not mean to be a "preface" to the publication.

To: All Branch Managers
From:..... Public Relations Manager

Enclosed you will find the company's new "Branch Manager's Guide to Public Relations." Please keep it handy for use as a reference tool and as a source of ideas for your local public relations activities.
Section 4, "Sample Press Releases," should prove particularly helpful since it contains sample formats for "do-it-yourself" press releases at the branch level. Use it for publicizing newsworthy events or appointments in the branch office.

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