Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How to Handle Unanswered Customer's Complaints

business letter writing samples how to handle unanswered customer complaint
free sample business letter for unanswered customer's complaint
The free sample business letter for unanswered customer's complaints will help you how to handle the situation in a proper way, because originally, the customer had a question, and when their letter went unanswered, it grew to a question and a complaint. It is important to start by sympathizing with their frustration. Then the letter responds to each question clearly. An individualized and friendly tone is essential.


I'm terribly sorry that your previous letters went unanswered. I know that is a frustrating feeling. However, I must confess that I personally never received your letters, and I'm currently investigating why they never reached their proper destination.

In any event, regarding your two questions, you are correct on both counts. Regarding the calculation of mark-up, your figures and usage are right. We received several letters pointing out our error and we apologize for any misleading statements. Secondly, as you pointed out, there was a typographical error which accounted for the miscalculation in the sales figure in paragraph 3.

Usually, our researchers and proofreaders are careful in such matters, but on this occasion, I'm afraid they were a bit sloppy.

Thank you for your interest and perseverance in trying to contact me.

Your name

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