Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How To Prospects of Service

simple business letter how to prospect of service
to the prospect of service

How to prospect of service is an offer with specific benefits, closes with a statement about phoning for an appointment.


With the competitive situation that exists in your industry, you are probably always looking for ideas that will give your firm a higher percentage of the business available.

How important would it be for you if... 
your people had the confidence to take on even more responsibilities? 
communication breakdowns could be reduced?

your people could perhaps be more motivated to do the things they don't like to do? 
interpersonal relationships and teamwork among people were enhanced? 
your key employees took on a more important role in the growth and success of your organization? 

In order to explore these ideas with you, I will phone the schedule a mutually convenient time to meet with you.

Your name

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