Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sample Business Letter Mailing Target Group of Prospects

How to mailing target group of prospect

Sample Business Letter Mailing to Target Group of Prospect is a letter that capitalizes on the competitive nature of brokers and encourages them to take advantage of a service many of their competitors have already used to improve their selling skills. This implies those who don't will be left behind in this demanding profession.

Here free sample business letter format for mailing to the target group of prospects,

Dear .....,

As a broker, you're probably on the alert for any idea that would help you to generate even greater sales effectiveness.

The competitive world of the retail brokerage industry today demands that the broker obtain an edge that helps him or her to ascertain client needs and motivate the potential investor to make financial commitments.

The xxx Sales Course has helped brokers in xxx City to obtain that competitive edge and it may benefit you. Our brochure will give you some facts about this internationally - known sales training program. If you would like more information, fill out the enclosed card or please phone me at...

Your name

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