Monday, January 28, 2019

Sample Business Letter to Explaining Price Increase

how to write a letter explaining price increase
explaining price increase

This free sample business letter format is to shows an understanding of the customer's query and thanks to the customer for bringing up the question. Give a sound explanation and appeals to the customer's business sense, as well as his sense of fairness.


We can understand your concern over the modest price increases of our tennis rackets effective July I. Thank you for giving us a chance to explain.

Material prices have gone up 8 percent during the last six months. This includes everything from the lumber, metal, and leather. Even synthetic strings have increased twofold! On top of that, our labor costs have jumped an additional 10 percent. We could not absorb our added costs for long without going bankrupt.

Keen business logic forces up to keep our prices comparable with the increasing cost. It's been our experience that customers anticipate this type of rationale.

We received your order on July 12 - twelve days after our price increase. While we would like to accommodate you with the lower price, we cannot out of fairness to our other customers.

We hope to continue serving your needs.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

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