Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How to Explain the Cause of Shipment Delay

How to explain the cause of shipment delay
how to explain the cause of shipment delay
This free sample business letter how to explain the cause of shipment delay is a letter that was sent to several times customers inconvenienced - and irritated by waiting for a product expected to arrive weeks earlier. Explaining the cause of the problem shows that the company also finds the delayed delivery unacceptable and that it has taken specific measures to prevent any such delays on future orders. Signed by the president who builds confidence in the company by saying he will personally follow up if the customer continues to experience problems.


I am very sorry that your order for (product) was delayed.

The warehouse from which we fulfill orders for our products inexcusably fell behind in shipments. We have, therefore, discharged that company and moved our products to another from which we expect better service.

If you have not received your shipment yet, please write to me personally and I shall see that another one is made immediately.

I regret exceedingly the delay and apologize for any inconvenience to which it has put you.

Your name

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