Thursday, January 24, 2019

Writing Letter "Do" and "Don't"

writing letter do & don't

The Important of "Do" and "Don't

A good business letter makes its point and says goodbye. It's clear, crisp and really businesslike. That's sound easy and often as it is. Chances are, you've written any number of the good business letter without half trying. Some letters, though, the present problem. They're confused or rambling or worst of all - pointless. The reader, who may be an important customer, shrugs in bafflement and mutter, "So what?" or "what am I supposed to do about this?" If your letter is unintentionally rude or pompous, you may have difficulty getting back in that customer's favor.

Therefore writing consistently sharp and purposeful letters that reflect well on you and your company really important. It's not a literal process and you don't need to worry about whether you're a word person or a numbers person. It's common sense process that's been worked out by dozens of communications experts, many of whom are consultants to corporations. There's a considerable effort these days to improve the quality of business correspondence and much thinking has gone into the skills and attitudes necessary for busy executives to master the letter-writing craft.

Let's begin with the advice of Carl Goeller, a professional who conducts courses in business writing in New York. He's achieved the ultimate simplification - one essential "DO" and one essential "DON'T" to be kept in the forefront of your mind whenever you begin to write.
"Write to communicate. Your first and foremost mission in writing is to tell somebody something."
"Try to impress with your writing. The harder you try, the more transparent you are and the more difficult your writing is to read."
Goeller doesn't stop there. He's synthesized these admonitions into a single golden rule, the first principle of effective letter writing is "writing to communicate..  not to impress."


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