Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sample Business Letter to Announcing a Policy Change

free sample business letter format to announcing a policy change
free business letter format for announcing a policy change
Sample business letter to announcing a policy change is a response to the request by forwarding information instead of leaving the reader hanging. Provides good information.

In response to your letter of August 3, I regret to inform you the Rebecca O. Foundation no longer directly controls the events and photographs of the Rebecca Annual Events. In order to obtain the events you request, you should contact (name and address). In the meantime, I have forwarded your letter to her and she will be expecting an inquiry from you.

With all good wishes,
Your name

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Responding Customer's Thank You Letter

How to write a letter regarding responding customer's thank you letter
responding customer's thank you letter
This sample business letter format is a reply with references to the individual customer's specific situation, while also taking the opportunity to tell him the center is in its second year of operation. A warm, friendly letter that assures customer business is appreciated.


We greatly appreciate your letter outlining the assistance and direction you received in diagnosing the problem, and then the installation of a new sewing machine in your new garment factory. We are now into the second year of our Center's operation and we continue to receive letters from consumers like yourself indicating a very high level of satisfaction with this consumer service.

We're pleased that our Technical Specialist assisted you so capable and want you to know that you should have a need to contact us in the future, you will find any one of our staff members equally responsive to your request for assistance. If we can be of service to you again, please do let us know. Again, thank you for your very kind letter.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sample Business Letter to Explaining a Brief Delay

How to write a letter explaining a brief delay
explaining a brief delay
Sample business letter explaining a brief delay is a direct and friendly letter which explains a delay. Gives a definite date of delivery and as always, shows the customer his business is welcome.


Many thanks for your order for A4 Paper No. 581.

Due to unusually heavy demand for these papers, we're temporarily out of stock and will have to order more from the manufacturer. Be assured that your papers will be delivered by February 16.

If we can obtain the papers any sooner for shipment, you will, of course, get an earlier delivery. I'll keep in touch with you.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Sample Business Letter to Explaining Price Increase

how to write a letter explaining price increase
explaining price increase

This free sample business letter format is to shows an understanding of the customer's query and thanks to the customer for bringing up the question. Give a sound explanation and appeals to the customer's business sense, as well as his sense of fairness.


We can understand your concern over the modest price increases of our tennis rackets effective July I. Thank you for giving us a chance to explain.

Material prices have gone up 8 percent during the last six months. This includes everything from the lumber, metal, and leather. Even synthetic strings have increased twofold! On top of that, our labor costs have jumped an additional 10 percent. We could not absorb our added costs for long without going bankrupt.

Keen business logic forces up to keep our prices comparable with the increasing cost. It's been our experience that customers anticipate this type of rationale.

We received your order on July 12 - twelve days after our price increase. While we would like to accommodate you with the lower price, we cannot out of fairness to our other customers.

We hope to continue serving your needs.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Sample Business Letter Appointment Follow Up

How to make appointment follow up
Sample Business Letter Appointment Follow Up is a simple written statement of the outcome of your in-person meeting. Serves to show customer salesperson is tending to his requests. Informs customer when he can expect to hear from salesperson again.


It was a pleasure meeting with you this week and discussing (something was discussed). As a result of your meeting, I plan to (restate the commitment you made), and you plan to (commitment client made).

I will check back with you next (week, month, year) to give you an update on my progress.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sample Business Letter Offering Free Demonstration

How to write a letter offering free demonstration
offering free demonstration

Sample business letter offering free demonstration is a sample for good follow-up because it goes directly to the core of the matter, the product up for sale. The salesman is tactful yet persistent in this letter, as he tries to set up an appointment for a demonstration.


The brochure sent to you last week provide descriptions of all the new copy machines we produce, but maybe you have some questions on the models which would pertain more to your operation.

I would welcome the chance to answer your questions and to advise you on how our product can best suit your needs.

May we arrange a demonstration for you and your staff? I will get in touch with you by telephone early next week.

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Writing Letter "Do" and "Don't"

writing letter do & don't

The Important of "Do" and "Don't

A good business letter makes its point and says goodbye. It's clear, crisp and really businesslike. That's sound easy and often as it is. Chances are, you've written any number of the good business letter without half trying. Some letters, though, the present problem. They're confused or rambling or worst of all - pointless. The reader, who may be an important customer, shrugs in bafflement and mutter, "So what?" or "what am I supposed to do about this?" If your letter is unintentionally rude or pompous, you may have difficulty getting back in that customer's favor.

Therefore writing consistently sharp and purposeful letters that reflect well on you and your company really important. It's not a literal process and you don't need to worry about whether you're a word person or a numbers person. It's common sense process that's been worked out by dozens of communications experts, many of whom are consultants to corporations. There's a considerable effort these days to improve the quality of business correspondence and much thinking has gone into the skills and attitudes necessary for busy executives to master the letter-writing craft.

Let's begin with the advice of Carl Goeller, a professional who conducts courses in business writing in New York. He's achieved the ultimate simplification - one essential "DO" and one essential "DON'T" to be kept in the forefront of your mind whenever you begin to write.
"Write to communicate. Your first and foremost mission in writing is to tell somebody something."
"Try to impress with your writing. The harder you try, the more transparent you are and the more difficult your writing is to read."
Goeller doesn't stop there. He's synthesized these admonitions into a single golden rule, the first principle of effective letter writing is "writing to communicate..  not to impress."

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sample Cover Letter for Job Application

How to Write Cover Letter for Job Application
cover letter for job application

Does Cover Letter Important for Job Application?

This sample cover letter is one of the main documents that will be asked when you first apply to the company. So the answer is Yes! Very Important!! Before entering the next session in work selection, the cover letter is a kind of element that will represent yourself. Writing a cover letter no longer has to be sent via postal service, usually, the HR Department will ask you to include a cover letter in the body of the email. Or even if it is in the form of a link, it coincides with the CV as the initial document, because it is ideally different from the one on the CV. Therefore, a quality cover letter will certainly make the company interested in processing your application to the next stage.

January 24, 2019

Amarantine Corporate
88 Dream Road
City, Country Post Code

Dear Mr. Robert,
I am writing to apply for the administration position advertised in the xxx newspaper. As requested, I enclosed my completed job application, including my resume, my certification, and two references.
The role is very appealing to me, and I believe that my strong administration experience and education make me a highly competitive candidate for this position. My key strengths that would support my success in this position include:
  • High standards of personal conduct, work product, appearance, and expertise.
  • Willingness and ability to nurture teamwork and good relationships with co-workers, managers, and customers.
  • Ability to think progressively for continuous personal and professional improvement

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With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I have a complete understanding of the full life-cycle for involves a great deal of multitasking. Please refer to my resume for additional information based on my experience.
I can be reached anytime via email at or by cell phone, +1 xxx xxx xxx.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this employment opportunity.

Your name

Sample Business Letter Contacting a Prospect Referred by Your Client

How to write a letter contacting a prospect referred by your client
contacting a prospect referred by your client
Sample Business Letter Contacting a Prospect Referred By Your Client is a form of a letter that provides spaces for filling in the name of the person who made the referral. Refers to enclosed materials, leaves detailed explanations of programs offered for the telephone call or face to face meeting. Includes a telephone number, inviting the prospect to call at his convenience.


A determined and persevering acquaintance of yours, ...., is currently in an xxx training program. This student suggested that you too would be interested in knowing more about xxx Courses.

Enclosed you will find some general information about our program. We find it important to meet with people who have a desire to know more about these programs. If we can be of service to you, to help you reach more of your personal and business goals, please call me at...

Your name

Word File this sample business letter format available here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sample Business Letter Mailing Target Group of Prospects

How to mailing target group of prospect

Sample Business Letter Mailing to Target Group of Prospect is a letter that capitalizes on the competitive nature of brokers and encourages them to take advantage of a service many of their competitors have already used to improve their selling skills. This implies those who don't will be left behind in this demanding profession.

Here free sample business letter format for mailing to the target group of prospects,

Dear .....,

As a broker, you're probably on the alert for any idea that would help you to generate even greater sales effectiveness.

The competitive world of the retail brokerage industry today demands that the broker obtain an edge that helps him or her to ascertain client needs and motivate the potential investor to make financial commitments.

The xxx Sales Course has helped brokers in xxx City to obtain that competitive edge and it may benefit you. Our brochure will give you some facts about this internationally - known sales training program. If you would like more information, fill out the enclosed card or please phone me at...

Your name

Life Quotes

1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. 
✽Lao Tzu✽

2. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. 
✽George Bernard Shaw

3. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. 
✽John Lennon

4. Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. 
✽Marcus Aurelius

5. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
✽Ludwig Jacobowski

6. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
✽Abraham Lincoln

 7. Change your thoughts and you change your world.
✽Norman Vincent✽

8. It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. 
✽Elizabeth Kenny

9. If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. 
✽Albert Einstein

10. Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. 
✽Oscar Wilde

Sample Business Letter Confirming an Appointment with Prospect

confirming an appointment with the prospect
Sample Business Letter Confirming an Appointment with Prospect really suitable for most situations. Gives prospect an opportunity to confirm the appointment, or contact you if there has been a misunderstanding.

Here free sample business letter format for confirming an appointment with a prospect,


This letter will serve as a confirmation of our appointment on (day and date) at  (time).

I am excited about the opportunity to discuss  (tell them your purpose of appointment) with you. I have scheduled (amount of time ) for this meeting.

I can be reached at (your phone number) if for some reason you are unable to keep this meeting.

Your name

Sample thank you letter for the business help

thank you letter for the business help
Sample thank you letter business help is a thank you letter that should be written personally by the person in charge, not the admin, secretary or assistant. The purpose is to express sincere thanks for someone's help in an important business deal. It should be personable and complementary to the reader without being too gratuitous.

Here free sample business letter format for thank you to the business help,


I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you gave me in securing the merger last week. Your cooperation and advice were invaluable elements to our success.

Please be sure that you call on me if ever I can be of help to you.


Your name

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sample Business Letter of Congratulations as an Occasion to Contact a Prospect

congratulations as an occasion to contact a prospect
congratulations as an occasion to contact a prospect
Congratulations as an Occasion to Contact a Prospect for complimentary, refers to the type of service offered and leaves detailed explanations for the telephone call and in person.

Here free sample business letter format of congratulations as an occasion to contact a prospect,

Dear .....,

Congratulations on your recent promotion to...................... Success-minded executives like yourself are always alert for ideas on how their key people can make an even greater contribution to the success and growth of their business. I mention this because  (xxx Company) is at the forefront of helping people to reach their full potential in their jobs.
I'd like to learn more about your company and how our training may benefit you and your department. I would be happy to arrange a meeting for a brief discussion at a mutually agreeable time. I will be calling you shortly.

Your name

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sample Business Letter Introduction for Business Partnership (Cover Letter)

How to write introduction letter for business partnership
Introduction letter for business partnership
Sample Business Letter Introduction for Business Partnership (Cover Letter) is a letter to approach the new company to liaise with your company for the first time. Make sure your letter was brief enough to deliver your message, so your target will understand your intention and respond to your request without a nibbling feeling.

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter will find you well and success.

First of all, in this good opportunity I would like to introduce our company to you, ABC Company (your website), which has been in the business of distributor, general trading and contractor to governments sectors, private sectors and industrial sectors for the past 30 years. Attached our company profile.

Secondly, I would like to express my interest to have a business opportunity with your Company to distribute your product in Indonesia territory.

We believe that our partnership is mutually beneficial for us and will enable to expand and build the opportunity of the business together in the best possible way.

Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to building the business together in the near future.

With best regards,
Your name

Daily Quote

Daily Quotes for Business

1. Money isn't good until the
cheque is in your hands,
the cheque clears the bank,
you've spent or invested the money,
and six months passes and no one has asked
for it to be returned.
-By Anonymous-

2. Many Companies don't know that
all Employees come equipped with a brain
-at no extra charge!!
-By Anonymous-

3. Avoid lengthy job descriptions
Remember even God gave
only 10 commandments!
-By Anonymous-

4. What gets rewarded gets done.
-By Anonymous-

5. Avoid the vague mumbo-jumbo
about value-added services
Specifically list what you offer.
-By Anonymous-

6. All the customer education in the world 
is not going to make customers 
buy something they don't want.
-By Anonymous-

7. When What your customers value and
what you have to offer don't match 
you're the one who is going to have to change,
not your customers.
-By Anonymous-

8. Employees want to be treated fairly,
trusted, judged by their work, have their say,
have opportunities to improve,
and work for a growing company.
-By Anonymous-

9. Competitive advantage is having better staff
than your competitors.
-By Anonymous-

10. Management's job is to find out 
what it's doing that keeps people from doing a good job,
and stop doing it.
-By Anonymous-

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sample Cover Letter with Company Profile

How to write cover letter with company profile
cover letter with company profile
Sample cover letter with the company profile is a cover letter that makes the contact more personal, even with a form letter such as this. It gives the reader the name and the phone number of representative he can call for more information, and it Gives that representative entree when he telephones the prospect later on.

Dear .....,

Here is the company profile you requested which will give you some insight into the many benefits to be derived from (xxx Company) training.

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Since our company profile tends to be general in nature, we find it important to meet with each interested individual to get a better understanding of their particular needs. As a result, we can be more specific in helping individuals understand how (xxx company) training can help them reach their objectives.

You probably feel, as we do, that making any decision without knowing all the facts is difficult. I'll phone you soon to determine a mutually convenient time to meet, or you can call me at.............

Your name

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Direct Mail Campaign to Prospective Buyers

How to write direct mail campaign to prospective buyers
direct mail campaign to prospective buyers

Direct mail campaign to prospective buyers is an email marketing that written with the needs and daily experiences. It explains s exactly how the manager can use the product as a sales tool of his own, helping him close more sales and make more money. The language is breezy, clear, and easy to read.

Here free sample business letter format for direct mail campaign to prospective buyers,


We have a way to sharply cut the time you spend with the customer, help you close the sale and probably sell more to him than you expected to in the first place.

Statistics state that a customer will make six or seven visits to a store, spending as long as ten hours before he makes up his mind to buy. Our (your project's name) can change all that and make your life easier in the bargain.
The way our guide is put together, you can use it as your own catalog. It probably describes every item you have in your store. Easy for you to circle what you feel he should buy. Then take it home to read so you'll know exactly what you're talking about when he returns.

Our features explain (.............). Check off what you feel should be read. Your customer will be educated in no time at all. With a better understanding. Far easier to talk to and sell to. And in less time.

The cover price is (.......) and we publish quarterly. Send us your check today for an exclusive deal. We pay the shipping if your check comes with your order.

Your name

Cover Memo Accompanying New In-House Publication

How to write memo accompanying new in-house publication
the cover memo accompanying new In House Publication
This sample cover memo accompanying new in-house publication is encouraged managers to make use of a new guide book and points out section most likely to help them out. Kept short - not mean to be a "preface" to the publication.

To: All Branch Managers
From:..... Public Relations Manager

Enclosed you will find the company's new "Branch Manager's Guide to Public Relations." Please keep it handy for use as a reference tool and as a source of ideas for your local public relations activities.
Section 4, "Sample Press Releases," should prove particularly helpful since it contains sample formats for "do-it-yourself" press releases at the branch level. Use it for publicizing newsworthy events or appointments in the branch office.

Name and Signature

Sample Memo Asking for Cooperation

How to write a memo asking for cooperation
asking for cooperation
Sample Memo for Asking Cooperation is a good informative memo which offers information that all employees should know. Tells employees the status of the deal and encourages them to help make the move as painless as possible.

To: All Employees
Re: Move

As you know, we will be leaving our present office space in the very near future. Although we have not signed another lease yet, we are currently giving serious consideration to moving into an office nearby.
Regardless, now would be an excellent time to begin reviewing your files and work areas so you may discard any correspondence or other materials which you no longer need. When our new lease is signed, you will save time by packing and unpacking only what you need - the move will go faster and cost us less money.

Thank you for your cooperation. I will keep you informed as new developments occur.

Name and Signature

Sample Business Letter to Approving Credit With Limit

approving credit with limit
approving credit with a limit
Sample business letter to approving credit with the limit is a credit approval that applies mostly to a larger company but can be used for a smaller business just as easily. The first paragraph sets the limit but then gives the customer the opportunity to prove his creditworthiness to be higher.


We are pleased to welcome you as a new customer with open account terms to a credit limit of $...

If any time you wish to raise your credit line, we will be happy to consider your most recent financial statement.
Please do not hesitate to call upon us at any time. Thank you for your interest in Rebecca's Imports.

Your name

Sample Business Letter Approving Credit

How to write letter for approving credit
approving credit
Sample business letter approving credit is a sample letter that immediately tells the new customer that his account was approved and it gives the terms. The letter also assures the customer that the order is in transit. It leaves the customer with the feeling that his account is important.


We are pleased to welcome you as a new customer on our regular terms of 2% 7 days, net 20.

Your order was shipped promptly. We hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Please do not hesitate to call upon us.

Your name

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sample Business Letter for Credit Terms Request

format of request letter to company - how to write letter about credit terms request
credit terms request

Please take note that letter for credit terms request is a more personable letter which requests information before opening a new account. It shows a more informal side to a company without sacrificing professionalism.


Thank you for your interest in ABC Company. We hope the sample we sent to you was up to your expectations.

We would like to do away with the credit formalities as soon as possible so we may begin to serve you. For this, we ask that you provide us with financial information so we can open your new account as quickly as possible.

Please include a recent financial statement, your bank and references, and any other credit details.

Any information you furnish will be held in the strictest confidence. We anticipate a long and prosperous relationship with your company.

Your name

Free Sample Business Letter Requesting Credit Information

free sample business letter how to request credit information
requesting credit information
Business letter for requesting credit information is a sample reply to an inquiry about opening a new account. Thanks, a customer in advance and provides necessary information and instructions.


Thank you for your inquiry regarding opening an account with us.

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Please fill in the enclosed form and provide us with two bank references as well as two trade references. This information will, of course, be held confidentially.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We look forward to serving you.

Your name